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Österreichische Post AG presented its new products at Publica 03

Pressemeldung from 4/10/2003

Adress.Shop, Response.Card and Post.adress for
successful direct marketing
New names for successful products

Österreichische Post AG - market leader in the delivery of advertising material in Austria - presented its new products for successful direct marketing at the “Publica 03” trade show held from 9 to 11 April at the Vienna Messezentrum.

Adress.Shop: Good mail address material is the basis for successful advertising
With Address.Shop, Österreichische Post AG offers its customers support in acquiring the basis for a successful mailing campaign: the procurement of addresses. The customer defines the desired target group criteria, and Österreichische Post AG’s Address.Shop selects the best available addresses on the market for the customer’s specific goals and requirements. Then Address.Shop checks the quality of these addresses by running a comparison against the postal reference file, correcting incomplete or faulty addresses and deleting obsolete ones. Correctly addressed mails are simply the best, and undeliverable items no longer cause the customer unnecessary printing and mailing costs.

Response.Card: Simple, but effective
A simple, but effective new product is Österreichische Post AG’s Response.Card. The response card comes attached to the mail item. Due to its micro perforation, it can be easily detached by the addressee and be put in the mail again. This is a simple and quick way for addressees to react to a mailing they receive, with increased response rates as a result. With its 230 x 120 mm format, the Response.Card is larger and a better eye catcher than a normal postcard. Addressees are able to recognize the advertising message at the first glance. There are practically no limits to how and where the Response.Card can be used: invitations, registrations, catalog requests, order cards, opinion polls, write-in competitions, etc.

“Moving” addresses
With Post.address, Österreichische Post AG now offers a solution against the “erosion” of customer databases. About 300,000 people move every year in Austria, with only a tiny minority of them providing information to advertisers when they do so. However, a vast majority of these people has their mail forwarded by the postal services and agrees to have their new addresses passed on for the purpose of database updates. And this is exactly the type of information Östereichische Post AG now makes available with Post.address. In this way, you can keep your customer databases up-to-date and avoid losing potential customers.

New names for classic direct marketing products offered by Österreichische Post AG
At Publica 2003, Österreichische Post AG presented its classic addressed, non-addressed, and partially addressed direct marketing products under a new name.
Bulk mail with personal addresses (formerly info mail with personal address) will now be called Info.Mail, non-addressed bulk mail (formerly info mail without address) will be referred to as Info.Post. The portfolio is completed by Info.Post select for selective target group advertising, and Euro.Mail for mailing abroad. 
“The new products and product names stand for our line of success: We offer our customers the best possible solutions for everything having to do with direct marketing. Simple, quick, competent, and reliable”, says Martin Weseloh, head of the Info-Mail division at the product presentation held at Publica 2003, which coincided with the launching of an advertising campaign for the “new” Info.Post. The focus on the campaign will be successful entrepreneurs such as the CEOs or board members of Otto, Möbel Lutz and Billa. For they know best what factors success is based on and rely on the benefits offered by Info.Post for their own advertising activities.
With a total of six direct marketing centers in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt, and Innsbruck, Österreichische Post AG now has competence centers for comprehensive consulting and support for direct marketing campaigns available all over Austria.

For more information please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Company communication
Press section/ PR
Michael Homola
Tel.: +43 (1) 515 51 - 32010

Vienna, 10 April 2003

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