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New EU member countries sign quality of postal service agreement

Pressemeldung from 20.01.2005

Agreement signed at IPC shareholders’ meeting in Brussels

With the so-called REIMS Agreements (Remuneration for the Exchange of International Mail), 17 European postal operators, among them Österreichische Post AG, laid the foundations for settling the remuneration for international mail service via multilateral agreements. The EU Commission approved these agreements.
The accession of ten new countries to the European Union made it necessary to open negotiations with the postal operators of these countries in order to integrate them into the REIMS system.
These negotiations were concluded at the end of 2004.

Quality measurements via mystery tests conducted all over Europe
At today’s IPC (International Post Corporation) shareholders’ meeting in Brussels, which is also attended by Österreichische Post AG CEO Anton Wais, these agreements will be signed by the postal operators of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. The current system, which has until now comprised 17 postal operators, stipulates that at least 93% of letter mail items have to be delivered to the recipient on the day after having crossed the border.
In 2004, Österreichische Post AG exceeded this target several times, which earned it the title of “European Champion”, outranking large postal operators such as those of Germany, Great Britain or France.
For the new partners, transition periods have been provided that should allow them to gradually reach the currently applicable standard over the coming years. In parallel with the agreements on international mail, agreements relating to international direct mail have also been signed by the postal operators of the new EU member countries today.

International Post Corporation
The International Post Corporation is an international association of postal operators with currently 23 members worldwide. IPC regularly conducts delivery speed tests with electronic support. The IPC member organizations receive monthly reports on the results achieved. The member countries of these organizations account for 65% of postal service volume worldwide. According to the IPC, this corresponds to 290 billion letter items a year.

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Vienna, 20 January 2005