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Austrian letters delivered faster than ever before

Pressemeldung from 13.05.2005

Delivery time measurements for April: 96.67 percent of all domestic letter items delivered within one day

This April, Österreichische Post AG delivered 96.67 percent of all domestic letter items within one day – that’s a new record, according to the latest delivery time measurement carried out by the Info Research International Institute (ÖSTEX study). This value is 1.08 percent above that of  February, Österreichische Post AG’s best month so far.

Even when it comes to delivery within two days, Österreichische Post AG managed to still step up a gear: 99.42 percent reached their destinations within 48 hours (April 2004: 99.33). 
The ÖSTEX study is based on the analysis of 30,000 test letters sent to destinations within Austria and registered by the recipients each year. The test letters are additionally equipped with transmitters, so called transponders. Antennas are used to determine when a test letter is going through the various stages of processing, from posting to delivery.

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