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Results of streamlining efforts in Österreichische Post AG’s post office network

Pressemeldung from 12.05.2005

Postal service coverage throughout Austria still guaranteed
76 new Post Partners and 120 new Post.Servicestellen

In order to be able to guarantee postal service coverage throughout Austria, Österreichische Post AG announced, on 30 November 2004, its concrete plans for the streamlining of its post office network. In view of insufficient customer demand, alternatives had to be found for a total of 357 post offices. It is above all small post offices with low customer frequency rates that had run into profitability problems.

Beginning in December 2004, Österreichische Post AG talked with the representatives of the local authorities in question. All in all, the representatives of Österreichische Post AG had 998 meetings with mayors or other local government agents, with 95 percent of these entailing a second meeting, and 86% even a third one.

In addition, six meetings were held with a working group installed specifically for this purpose, headed by State Secretary Eduard Mainoni in the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.
The Control Board proposed by Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister Hubert Gorbach and Österreichische Post AG met 19 times, for the last time on 10 May.

“The negotiations were not always plain sailing, but we have managed to arrive at a good solution for the Austrian population. Retaining rural structures is a major concern for the Austrian government”, says State Secretary Mainoni.

The following solutions will be implemented now as a result of this negotiation process:

  • 76 new Post Partners: Private retailers and business enterprises as well as local authorities and tourist associations partnering with Österreichische Post AG to offer postal products.
  • 120 new Post.Servicestellen: These are facilities that do not offer the full scope of services of post offices or Post Partners, but accept letters and parcels and offer a place for collecting postal items. They are run by private entrepreneurs, but in part also by local authorities or tourist associations.
  • Rural delivery service in 92 communities:  In sparsely populated areas, rural delivery staff take offer key functions offered elsewhere by post offices – major services include accepting letters and domestic parcels as well as payment slips and deposits on postal saving accounts. In 29 cases, the rural delivery service is supplemented by a Post.Abholstelle. These are mail collection points run by local authorities as a service for local citizens. Letters and free parcels without any extra services (such as C.O.D., etc.) can be deposited there.
  • At 17 locations, another post office located within the same local authority precinct takes over postal services.
  • 47 post offices will remain open for the time being, with their operations subject to monitoring, in most cases up to mid-2006. Given an optimal economic development, these post offices have a chance of making it out of the red.

In the Salzburg communities of St. Veit, Goldegg and Lend, as well as Hollersbach and Krimml, the first Post.Mobiles in Austria will take up operations beginning in the summer of 2005. These are vehicles equipped as post offices, which do a defined round every day and stop at defined spots at the same time every day (for about half an hour) to offer postal services.

“As we promised last year, no post office will be closed down without an adequate replacement. The alternatives we have come up with now guarantee adequate solutions for all the locations affected and thus Austrian-wide postal service coverage”, says Dr. Herbert Götz, member of the board of Österreichische Post AG.

In spite of the monitoring phase decreed for 47 out of the 357 locations, Österreichische Post AG will reach its goal of saving € 22.7 million in costs until 2007.
Herbert Götz: “As we assume that these post offices will make it out of the red, we will be able to reach our savings goal at a 100%."

To view a list with the effected post offices click here

For more information please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Corporate Communications
Public relations
Michael Homola
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 – 32010

Mag. Marie-Theres Resch-Ehrendorff
Press officer of the State Secretary
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Phone: (++43-1) 711 62/8002

Vienna, 12 May 2005