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Österreichische Post AG continues successful trend

Pressemeldung from 27.04.2005

Good performance in past financial year – excellent result with an EBIT of € 86.6 million
Corporate restructuring to be continued

Österreichische Post AG closed the financial year 2004 very successfully with significantly improved results.
Profit from ordinary activities amounted to € 61.0 million as compared to € 52.7 million in 2003, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) grew from € 46.6 million to € 86.6 million in fiscal 2004. Operating performance increased by € 66.0 million to € 1,668.2 million (2003: € 1,602.2 million).

Österreichische Post AG‘s turnover for the financial year 2004 also grew to € 1,597.0 million in 2004, as compared to € 1,531.7 million in 2003.


2004(in € million)

2003(in € million)






Operating performance




Profit from ordinary activities








At the press conference held on 27 April 2005, Anton Wais, CEO of Österreichische Post AG, highlighted that Österreichische Post AG had succeeded again in the past financial year in showing its capability to be successful even under highly competitive conditions and to expand its business activities in a sustainable manner in spite of growing competition.  
“We must not forget, however, that Österreichische Post AG still has to take further restructuring measures and cannot just rest on its laurels. The environment in which postal operators are active continues to be too demanding and complex for that”, said Wais at the press conference.
With respect to the legal basis of postal operations in Austria, the growing liberalization calls for new provisions to ensure that Österreichische Post AG will not, given its obligation to provide universal service, suffer discrimination and disadvantages in comparison to its competitors. For this reason, Österreichische Post AG has been increasingly drawing attention to the fact that a change of the Austrian Postal Services Act is a sine qua non in terms of providing equal opportunities to all market players.
Facts and figures on the division level 
The Letter division has contributed the largest share to Österreichische Post AG's total turnover: € 768.5 million (2003: € 733.0). The Infomail division achieved sales figures of € 344.2 million in 2004 (2003: € 339.9 million). The Branch Network division, too, managed to step up sales from € 184.0 million in 2003 to € 192.1 million, while the Courier.Express.Parcel (CEP) division achieved € 176.3 million (2003: € 166.0 million) and Media Services contributed € 115.5 million (2003: € 104.2 million) to the overall total.


 2004 (in € million)

2003 (in € million)


Letter division




Infomail division




Branch Network division




CEP division




Media Services division




The headcount at Österreichische Post AG decreased by 1,591 full-time equivalents from an average of 26,995 full-time equivalents in 2003 to 25,404 full-time equivalents in 2004. Österreichische Post AG still remains one of the largest employers in Austria.

Letter division
With € 768.5 million, the Letter division accounted for 48.12% of total sales. The five-percent increase over 2003 is attributable not only to a raising of rates in June 2003, but also to higher compensation rates (an increase in delivery qualities for international letter items), increased advertisement for various lines of business coming enclosed with invoices, and this year’s health insurance providers’ large-scale information campaign.

Infomail division
Even though the Infomail division is already operating largely in liberalized markets and is subsequently subject to strong competition, the division managed to increase its sales by 1.3 percent to € 344.2 million in 2004 as compared to € 339.9 million in 2003.
Major success factors were not only rate adjustments, but also the positive development of the advertising market, the effects of 2004 having been an election year, and the increases achieved in the consumer goods sector.  The volumes of non-addressed mailings delivered also showed a marked upward trend again in the past financial year.

Branch Network division
An expansion of the range of products offered, increases in CD and DVD sales as well as stepped-up sales promotion for financial services and mobile phones resulted in a 4.4 percent increase of turnover from € 184.0 million in 2003 to € 192.1 million in the past financial year.
Well-targeted marketing and comprehensive measures taken to optimize consulting services quality and customer loyalty also contributed to this positive development.

Courier.Express.Parcel (CEP) division
The CEP division achieved a 6.2 percent increase in sales as compared to last year. While in 2003, sales figures amounted to € 166.0 million, the value for 2004 is € 176.3 million. This increase is attributable above all to the positive development of mail order business and the growth of foreign business activities, primarily involving the new EU member countries.
What is particularly positive is a plus in private customer business of more than 14 percent.

Media Services division
The rise in sales volume by € 11.3 million (10.8 percent) to € 115.5 million resulted not only from the upward trend in advertising business and the subsequent increase in circulation of many print media, but also from the fact that a number of elections were held in Austria in 2004. The third level of the price adjustments provided by the rate model introduced in 2002 also had a positive effect. In addition to winning back previous customers, the Media Services division also succeeded in further strengthening already existing customer relationships.

Employees to benefit from Österreichische Post AG’s success
The employees of Österreichische Post AG have made a major contribution to the success of the enterprise. Fundamental changes have been possible only due to their flexibility and open-mindedness. The company will reward their efforts by voluntarily paying out an additional € 350.00 to all year-round full-time employees.

Positive outlook
The outlook on the future development of Österreichische Post AG is an optimistic one. On the basis of further streamlining and optimization measures as well as persistent customer focus, Österreichische Post AG will be able to successfully master the challenges in the years to come – the course has been set. In the future, too, our strategy will be  national market leadership with international specialization. The leading position in Austria in terms of both cost and quality will make Österreichische Post AG the clear number one in this market. In parallel, the expansion into selected markets in Eastern and South Eastern Europe will be continued with the aim of further safeguarding Österreichische Post AG's overall development with the help of additional sales and revenues.

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Österreichische Post AG

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