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Österreichische Post AG presents concept for postal service coverage in all of Austria

Pressemeldung from 13.01.2005

Requirements specified by ministry complied with

As announced already before Christmas, Österreichische Post AG today presented a comprehensive concept on how it plans to meet its obligation to provide universal service, with a special focus on what the network of postal service outlets will look like.

In this context, Österreichische Post AG pointed out that the obligation to provide universal service goes far beyond the issue of how many post offices there should be in Austria, being concerned with ensuring daily postal service delivery all over Austria on a continuous and permanent basis.

As for post offices, Österreichische Post AG explained the various regional policy factors it has identified, with the help of renowned experts, as being vital for ensuring service coverage all over the country. These factors range from population density or changes in population density to mobility behavior (especially commuters) to general economic perspectives in the given region. The results of this analysis furnished the basis for a subsequent examination according to business management criteria.

What is of particular importance in this context, however, are the proactive measures planned with respect to post offices over the coming years:
Until 2007, more than € 8 million annually will be invested in improving post office location quality alone, with a view towards increasing customer traffic. Likewise, opening hours will be adjusted to specific customer needs in many locations. For Post Partners, the financial commitment will be halved (monthly IT operating costs will be reduced from € 108 to € 54) in order to make this partnership even more attractive. 85% of the cost required for initial investments will be borne by Österreichische Post AG. Commissions payable to Post Partners will be adjusted in line with the consumer price index each year.

Another alternative to post offices, which has already proved to be highly successful, is the rural delivery service. Member of the Board, Herbert Götz: “What needs to be particularly highlighted in this context is with how much acceptance the rural delivery service meets. Current surveys indicate that our customers give top rankings to our rural delivery staff, in all categories, from friendly to convenient to competent. The rankings for the rural delivery service as just as good as those for post offices.” Österreichische Post AG currently has already more than 4,800 rural delivery staff members and will continue to expand this system as it ideally meets the needs of the less mobile parts of the populations.

With this new concept, Österreichische Post AG has now presented all the information on the optimization of the postal service network. Österreichische Post AG is convinced that this concept not only complies with legal rules and regulations, but also takes special account of the Austrian population’s specific needs for postal services. At the same time, Österreichische Post AG holds up the offer it made to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the local authorities – to ensure correct implementation of all of these measures by providing ongoing monitoring and control. 

For more information please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Corporate Communications
Public relations
Michael Homola
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 – 32010

Vienna, 13 January 2005