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First anniversary of Meine.Marke for private customers

Pressemeldung from 01.04.2005

Just in time before Mother’s Day. In April, minimum order 100 stamps

So far, 4,000 different motifs featured on more than 2.7 million personalized stamps

In April 2005, Österreichische Post AG is lowering the minimum order volume for “MEINE MARKE” from 200 to 100 stamps, while offering the same per-stamp price of € 1.75. This special April bonus makes “MEINE MARKE” an ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

About three million personalized stamps since 2003

Since April 2004, Österreichische Post AG’s private customers have been able to design and order their very own personalized stamps with their own motifs at
Almost 4,000 customers have done so. So far, the Austrian State Printing Office has produced an impressive more than 2.7 million stamps, featuring a variety of motifs.  Favorites included portraits and advertisements for companies and associations, as well as weddings, birthday celebrations, or children.  MEINE MARKE stamps were also produced for schools, political parties, casinos, and dollhouse parties.

Ethics board for personalized stamps
Österreichische Post AG has set up an ethics board that reserves the right to exclude immoral or illegal motifs or texts from being featured on “MEINE MARKE” stamps.

The only fixed elements are the frame, the words “Österreich”, and the nominal value imprint € 0.55. This value corresponds to the current rate applicable for a standard domestic and European letter item.

From the Vienna Imperial Palace to Abu Dhabi
Österreichische Post AG received the order for the most famous personalized stamp so far at the start of the presidential election campaign in 2004: the Benita-Ferrero-Waldner stamp, of which 130,000 copies were produced. However, “MEINE MARKE" not only made it almost into the Vienna Imperial Palace: Customers from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and even as far as Abu Dhabi ordered personalized stamps, and that in spite of the fact that – like all other stamps issued by Österreichische Post AG – they are valid only in Austria.

For more information please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Corporate Communications
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Michael Homola
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 – 32010

Vienna, 1 April 2005