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Österreichische Post AG CEO Wais in Brussels

Pressemeldung from 21.01.2005

Anton Wais discusses issues such as liberalization and internationalization with Austrian EU delegates

Attending the IPC Shareholders’ Meeting in Brussels on 20 January 2005, Österreichische Post AG CEO Anton Wais seized the opportunity to meet with Austrian EU delegates. Several hours were dedicated to presenting and discussing issues such as, above all, liberalization and internationalization on the postal services market.

With regard to traditional postal services markets, Anton Wais pointed out that such markets no longer exist. The tasks and services originally provided by postal operators have been divided into three highly specialized markets: the communications market, the logistics market, and the financial services market. Given Austria’s geographic position and historical and cultural context, Österreichische Post AG started already years ago to establish operations on the markets of South Eastern Europe. The focus of activities in countries such as Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia so far has been on the CEP (Courier-Express-Parcel) market. An agreement on the launching of operations on the Bulgarian parcel market is expected for the first quarter of 2005.

Since the promulgation of the postal services directive in 1997, the EU has been pushing the gradual liberalization of the letter mail market. Currently, the liberalization process is expected to be completed by 2009. One thing that is often not paid attention to is the postal operators’ obligation to provide universal service -  that is affordable, yet high-quality postal services throughout a whole country. The liberalization of postal service segments has caused a loss in market shares as well as a drop in profits from postal operators’ core business and makes it increasingly difficult to meet the requirements for providing universal postal service. For this reason, political measures for the control of postal services are being considered in many EU countries. As in other countries, there is an urgent need for action in Austria as regards the legal framework pertaining to postal services.

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