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Information disclosed under Section 5 Austrian E-Commerce Act (Federal Law Gazette I 2001/152 as amended) and § 25 Media Act (Federal Law Gazette 314/1981 as amended):

Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft
Company headquarters
Haidingergasse 1
1030 Vienna

Phone national:  0577 67 - 0
Phone international:  +43 577 67 - 0
Fax:  +43 (0) 577 67 - 22071
E-Mail:  kundenservice@post.at  
Website:  http://www.post.at/

Legal Structure:  Aktiengesellschaft (joint stock corporation under Austrian law)
Company register No.:  180219d
DVR-No.:  100 88 03
Company register:  Handelsgericht Wien (Vienna Commercial Court)
VAT-ID:  ATU46674503
Membership in Chambers:  Wirtschaftskammer 
Established in:  1999
Owned by:  52,8% ÖBIB, 47,2% Free Float
Regulatory authorities:  Telekom-Control-Kommission,
Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Applicable rules and regulations: Bundesgesetz über das Postwesen (Postgesetz 1997) – siehe BGBl. I Nr. 18/1998 i.d.F. BGBl. I Nr. 72/2003

Management Board:
Georg Pölzl - Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
Walter Oblin - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Walter Hitziger - Member of the Management Board
DI Peter Umundum - Member of the Management Board

Supervisory Board:
Edith Hlawati (Chairwoman)
Edeltraud Stiftinger (Deputy Chairwoman)
Erich Hampel
Peter Kruse
Chris E. Muntwyler
Markus Pichler
Elisabeth Stadler
Herta Stockbauer

Appointed to the supervisory board by the staff committee:
Helmut Köstinger
Martin Palensky
Andreas Schieder
Manfred Wiedner

Objects of the Business:

  1. Render services and create the necessary conditions to perform these services in the following areas:
    1. all types of postal, parcel and logistics services;
    2. financial services, particularly those financial services in line with the current and valid version of the Postal Savings Bank Act (BGBl 458/1969); 
    3. communications and information technology in automated data processing and information engineering;
    4. other commercial services, inasmuch as the tasks listed under a) to c) are not impeded thereby, especially the trading and sales of all types of goods.
  2. Strategic investments in companies and manage these strategic investments, including the acquisition and disposal of strategic investments in Austria and abroad.

This includes the planning, construction as well as maintenance and operation of infrastructural facilities for the purposes mentioned above.
The Company is entitled to all transactions and measures appearing necessary or useful from the viewpoint of the objects of the Company, particularly also in similar or useful areas of activity relating to the objects of the business.
Furthermore, the Company is entitled to acquire and dispose of commercial properties and to set up branch offices and subsidiaries in Austria and abroad

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 Express One d.o.o.  Bosnien-Herzegowina   100%
 Aras Kargo   Türkei   25% 
 Austrian Post International Deutschland GmbH  Deutschland  100%
 City Express d.o.o.  Serbien  100%
 City Express Montenegro d.o.o.  Montenegro  100%
 feibra GmbH  Österreich  100%
 In Time s.r.o.  Slowakei  100%
 M&BM Express OOD   Bulgarien  76%
 Overseas Trade d.o.o.  Kroatien  100%
 Post E-Commerce GmbH  Österreich  100%
 Postmaster PL  Polen  100%
 PostMaster s.r.l  Rumänien  100%
 Post Wertlogistik GmbH  Österreich  100%
 trans-o-flex Hungary Kft.  Ungarn  100%
 Scanpoint GmbH  Österreich  100%
 Scanpoint Slovakia s.r.o.  Slowakei  100%
 Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o.  Slowakei  100%
 Systemlogistik Distribution GmbH  Österreich  100%
 Weber Escal d.o.o.  Kroatien  100%

Stand: April 2016
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