Dual delivery

For dual delivery, Österreichische Post will receive your data, create a layout and will check if the recipient can be reached electronically. If the answer is yes, we will provide inexpensive electronic delivery to the e-postbox. If not, we will print the document, put it in an envelope and deliver it physically. Your item will always be on the most inexpensive way to the client.

Increased sustainability with dual delivery

In addition to making sure your item will always be on the most inexpensive way to the client, dual delivery saves paper and delivery trips, ultimately ensuring eco-friendly communication and reducing the corporate carbon footprint.

More than 450,000 recipients already use our e-letter mail service and the number increases daily. To make this service even more attractive for existing and future clients, Österreichische Post has upgraded its infrastructure and periodically introduces new innovations:

Daily mail:

Would you like to use the e-letter mail service even for more small volumes and save on postage in the process?
In that case, we have just the right solution for you:
Sign up on tages-post.at and upload your letters in PDF format. The system will electronically deliver items whose address field matches an e-letter user.  All other items are printed, put in envelopes and delivered via traditional mail.

E-letters in the Österreichische Post app:

Approximately half of our clients use our e-letter service on their smartphone. To make this service attractive for your clients as well, the e-letter service has been integrated into the Österreichiche Post app. All your clients have to do is open the e-postbox with their fingerprint or their personal PIN to receive and read relevant documents in the Österreichische Post app.Effective immediately, even addresses can be confirmed on mobile devices.

Payment function:

If you would like to offer your clients the option of paying for delivered documents, you can activate the payment function for e-letters. This puts an end to reduced payments and you will receive your money faster than before.
Join the many businesses who use our e-letter service and pay only half the standard postage*, independently of the amount of pages. Use our many add-ons to offer electronic delivery options to your clients that they will love and appreciate. 
*Prio letter S


  • No printing expenses and reduced shipping for electronic delivery
  • Guaranteed delivery, either electronically or physically
  • Your one-stop-shop, from data transfer to delivery 
  • Maximum security standards
  • Efficient additional functions for recipients