5-segment analysis

The third analysis level of our consulting services is an in-depth assessment and will look at all areas. Benefit from our experts' external perspective to take your internal processes to the next level.

In our evaluation and assessment, we will focus on the five areas that are the pillars of document logistics:

  1. Processes
    We will question existing processes that have grown over time and any "detours" in mail processing - everything will be analysed, which will help address stuck processes. We will work with you to identify actionable steps and create a concept that will point to unnecessary processes and wasted resources. Efficiency and efficacy are key for short processes that will make your documents arrive when and where you need them with pinpoint accuracy.
  2. Personnel
    Personnel use and planning can be time-intensive tasks at a company that not always yield results. We know what skills your employees need to work efficiently and which service levels are standard at your company. Ultimately, mail processing is an in-house service. We will address this expectation at your business with long-lasting effect.
  3. Infrastructure
    For the equipment of your mailroom, we will rely on our advanced expertise, which will not only increase productivity while allowing you to know the overhead. We will look at all segments of your machinery, your hardware and your software as well as your mailroom furniture. Ultimately, your employees will benefit because an ergonomic working environment is known to increase employee motivation.
  4. Time
    A higher utilisation of resources, both of personnel and equipment, frees up resources for other tasks at your business. We will immediately spot those "luxury services" that have grown over time but no longer meet today's requirements. We will make customised suggestions for making your mail processing significantly easier. Faster availability and shorter processing times: better time management will create leeway for you to focus on your core business.
  5. Costs
    Experience has shown that there is significant savings potential. You can lower your costs by up to 50% while maintaining your service level for your document logistics within just a few months.