Use Info.Mail Advertising to send direct mailings and address your clients personally 

Send personally addressed advertising and specifically reach existing and potential clients. Info.Mail Advertising offers you the opportunity to communicate in a way that is customised, flexible, and quantifiable.

For what purposes can direct mailings be used?

With direct mailings, you can reach your target audience at all stages of the marketing funnel.

Possible uses include:

  • Acquiring new clients
  • Cross- and upselling
  • Reactivating existing clients

What are the benefits of direct mailings?

Direct mailings offer a variety of advantages, with a focus on customer engagement through targeted and personal communication.

  • Directly measurable response rate for offers and promotions
  • High attention thanks to format and haptic experience
  • Customised design options
  • Personal communication makes a long-lasting impression
  • Generates emotions and motivates to purchase

New additional services from 1 January 2024

From 1 January 2024, two complimentary and attractive additional services will be available:

  • Returns recording, once a year
    Let us help you review an order of your choice (up to a maximum of 100,000 items) to check your recipient database. This will help you identify any undeliverable addresses.
  • Digital expansion, multiple use
    Expand your printed message digitally for orders of 25,000 items or more. Reach potential new clients with targeted online banner displays.

For additional prerequisites, please visit our business client portal ELLA.

What items can be posted as Info.Mail Advertising?

Info.Mail Advertising items are personally addressed direct marketing items that exclusively include ads, marketing or advertising materials published for the purpose of commercial advertising, announcements or recommendations or that directly or indirectly serve such purpose. These include, among others:

  • Offers, discounts, or vouchers for goods and services (including online) 
  • No-commitment offers for goods, services, and prize draws
  • Information about balances and bonus checks 

Eligible item inserts and supplements:

  • Free samples
  • Promotional items
  • Loyalty and club cards (without payment functions or ID function for authentication purposes)
  • Third-party supplements (for the content, the requirements for Info.Mail
     Advertising apply) 


  • Identical sender for all items (different retailer versions are acceptable)
  • Same format, weight, and packaging for all items
  • Identical basic item (different versions are acceptable)

What items cannot be sent as Info.Mail Advertising?

  • Invoices, payment reminders
  • Requests for the payment of membership dues or subscription fees
  • Account statements, credit information
  • Account information, e.g., PIN codes, TANs, customised or personalised access data or passwords for (online) customer accounts
  • Payment slips (unless they are related to a no-commitment offer)
  • Contractual elements or amendments (except terms and conditions for no-commitment offers)
  • Credit and bank cards as well as chip cards with personalised information on them
  • Picture IDs
  • Cards with ID function 

As an alternative, please use or letter-mail options ECO and PRIO for such items.


Info.Mail Advertising Classic or Info.Mail Advertising Plus?

Basic information
Info.Mail Advertising Classic
Info.Mail Advertising Plus
Minimum dimensions
L 140 x W 90 mm
L 140 x W 90 mm
Maximum dimensions
L 235 x W 162 x H 5 mm
L 324 x W 229 x H 24 mm
Maximum weight
50 g
2,000 g
machine processable, no bundling
not machine processable, bundling required
Format rectangular or square
Minimum volume
500 units (additional payment to reach minimum volume available)
Delivery time
5 business days after posting (Monday through Friday)
Franking impression

In two lines on the outside of the item
Österreichische Post AG
Info.Mail Werbung Entgelt bezahlt

In one line above and clearly separated from the address
(exclusively for window envelopes, address labels, addressed printed directly on the item)

Optional using the product letter "W" for "Werbung" ("advertising"):

Österreichische Post AG Info.Mail W Entgelt bezahlt

or as a round stamp - can be designed as desired (artwork must be clearly different from any valid stamps as well as postal and sender franking impressions). The product letter "W" may be used. Click here for a round stamp template.

Return information

The return information determines how undeliverable items will be handled: 

If you do not want items returned, please indicate the following:
Retouren an Postfach 555, 1008 Wien or Nicht retournieren

Items returned to sender:
Return to sender: 0.02 euros net/item


Exempt from VAT as part of universal services if posted at a postal branch. Subject to VAT if posted at a distribution centre
Shipping documents
Posting list and bundle label as specified in the Austrian Post Posting Manager

Follow these easy steps for posting Info.Mail Advertising Classic items

  • Shipping documents: create your posting list and distribution list (amount of items per postcode) using the Austrian Post Posting Manager
  • Pre-notification of posting: if you are posting 50,000 items or more, please notify us at least 5 business days (Monday through Friday) before posting using the Austrian Post Posting Manager. 
  • Provide a sample before posting - if you do not provide a sample, we may select one randomly at the time of posting and inspect it.
  • Posting your items: in letter-mail containers or envelope boxes, standing upright, all addresses facing the same way. Click here for an overview of our posting locations. 

Follow these easy steps for posting Info.Mail Advertising Plus items

  • Shipping documents: create your posting list and distribution list (amount of items per locality bundle, distribution area bundle and residual items) using the Austrian Post Posting Manager.
  • Pre-notification of posting: if you are posting 10,000 items or more, please notify us at least five business days (Monday through Friday) before posting using the Austrian Post Posting Manager. 
  • Provide a sample before posting
  • Posting your items: in bundles (by locality and distribution area as well as residual items), including bundle labels, tied crosswise.

For swift delivery: the two-day delivery window 

Use our two-day delivery window for your Info.Mail Advertising items for even better planning. After you have made your reservation, your items will be delivered on the 4th and 5th day after posting.


  • Perfect timing for the promotion of offers and events 
  • Optimal coordination of cross-media campaigns
  • Allows for better staff allocation at the points of sale and at the call centre

How it works: the two-day delivery window


  • Available slot in Austrian Post's schedule
  • Minimum volume: 2,500 units for Info.Mail Advertising Classic, 50,000 units for Info.Mail Advertising Plus 
  • Delivery exclusively on two consecutive business days (Monday through Friday) 

Preparing for posting:

  • Inquiry about the two-day delivery window no later than 7 days before posting using the Austrian Post Posting Manager (please note: if you have different versions of your item, please make a separate inquiry for all of them).
  • Reservation confirmation: Austrian Post will let you know within a business day if your reservation was confirmed.
  • Pre-notification of posting: let us know no later than 5 days before posting your items.
  • Shipping documents: use your reservation number when uploading the recipient addresses to the Austrian Post Posting Manager.
  • Posting your items: 4 days before the start of the delivery window at distribution centres, large-volume branches or residential postal branches.
  • In the case of changes to the scheduled campaign (volume, weight, format), you need to send us another reservation inquiry no later than 7 days before posting.

Fees for Info.Mail Advertising

Fees depend on several criteria. These include weight, amount of items, and distribution area. For detailed information, please see the Austrian Post download section.

Info.Mail Advertising explained!

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Rate overview, Info.Mail Advertising (available in German only)


For detailed information about our product Info.Mail Advertising, please see "GTC - Info.Mail", "Product and rate overview - Info.Mail Advertising" and "Special conditions - machine processability".

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Product information, Info.Mail Advertising (available in German only)


Shipping documents

Posting list, Info.Mail Classic (available in German only)


Posting list, Info.Mail Plus (available in German only)


Bundle label, Info.Mail Advertising (available in German only)


Bundle label, Info.Mail Advertising (available in German only)


Franking impression, round seal

Info.Mail Advertising franking impression, round stamp (available in German only)


Info.Mail Advertising franking impression, round stamp Zip (available in German only)



Overview of posting locations (available in German only)


Österreichische Post service locations for posting large volumes (available in German only)


List of logistics centres and opening hours (available in German only)


Item design

Correct addressing (available in German only)