Easy access for employees, reduced work for companies.

Use our e-paycheck service for added convenience and less work when creating monthly paychecks. There is no need for you to print confidential information, put it in envelopes and give it to employees. Instead, this information will be generated directly from the payroll management system and made available to all employees via an online platform.

  • Very easy data transfer to all employees
  • Administrative access to the e-paycheck platform
  • Less work for your payroll staff because reprinting becomes obsolete
  • Saves money and there are no costs for paper, printing, and posting
  • You can check if documents have been sent and delivered
  • No unauthorised opening of other people's paychecks
  • Online e-paycheck archiving (7 years)
  • Delivery of any kind of documents available (e.g., paycheck, time statements, employee information)
  • Transparent pricing thanks to transaction invoicing (for an overview, see the product description)
  • Maximum safety at fail-safe computing centres in Europe

  • XML or PDF documents are created from the company's payroll management system
  • Data is transferred to the e-paycheck platform via a secure online interface and archived
  • Employees will receive a notification about any new e-paychecks
  • e-paychecks will be displayed on the e-paycheck platform

After consulting our expert team about your specifications, we will be happy to send you a draft contract. As soon as this contract has been signed, we will add your company to our systems. To schedule a meeting, please use the contact address below:


Österreichische Post works with leading providers of payroll management software.

Information leaflet, e-pacheck (available in German only)


Product description, e-paycheck (available in German only)