e-paychecks - digital paycheck distribution

Our electronic paycheck service allows employees to access their paystubs any any time and from anywhere. Businesses will enjoy a decreased workload since salary-related information no longer needs to be printed, put in envelopes, and distributed. All paychecks created in the payroll accounting system are made available via an online portal that meets maximum security standards.

High security for sensitive data

Just like insurance policies and invoices, paychecks also include sensitive information that needs special protection. Thanks to reliable server hosting in the EU, you will benefit from increased security and strict data protection regulations. 

Benefits for businesses

Our e-paycheck service helps digitise and automate processes. This has a lot of advantages, especially for employees:

  • Easy data transmission to external employees because the paycheck is available online at any time
  • Reduces the workload for payroll accounting because no reprints are necessary (paychecks will be archived for seven years)
  • Saves money because no printing, paper, and postage is necessary
  • High security regarding unauthorised access to other people's paychecks
  • Safe admin access for changing settings at any time
  • Access to the sending and delivery status of all documents

Processing of "other documents" (self-generated files such as commission statements, health information, etc.) is also possible for a small additional charge.

In addition to offering the many benefits of an electronic and automated workflow, our e-paycheck service also offers a highly transparent pricing model. Thanks to different price levels that are based on your monthly transactions, you will only pay for the service you actually need.

Benefits for employees

Other than senders, recipients naturally also strongly benefit from electronic paychecks:

  • Employee benefit thanks to access to different information (travel expense statements, time confirmations, etc.)
  • E-paychecks are accessible anytime and do not have to be requested. 
  • No additional archiving for paychecks required (will automatically be archived for seven years)
  • When switching jobs, data will be preserved and can still be accessed
  • E-paychecks are available independently of the user's location (also via smartphone or tablet)
  • Easy to handle, virtually no training required

Other types of digital delivery such as digital incoming mail, will take you one step closer to the paperless office. You can also use our Mailroom service to consolidate all your documents in one place. This will give you a great overview of all relevant documents, no matter when and where you are.  

How the e-paycheck for employees works

The digitisation of business processes has one major advantage: it allows for the simplification of processes. The e-paycheck is testimony to that, for it allows employees to access their current and archived paychecks in just three steps:

  1. Employees will receive information via e-mail about newly available paychecks (provided that employees have an e-mail address)
  2. Login via the e-paycheck portal
  3. Paychecks are available in digital format for viewing and downloading

Also, paychecks are automatically archived for seven years, allowing employees to access them even if they change jobs.

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