The smart way of turning your clients into repeat clients

We have teamed up with a promising start-up called hello again, which is one of Austria's leading loyalty service providers, to digitalise your customer loyalty club. We use a smart approach to digital technology to create your personalised customer loyalty programme. A customer loyalty club by hello again offers customised solutions and builds personal communication with your clients, increases loyalty, and turns your clients into loyal brand ambassadors. This is how we take customer loyalty to the next level.

Your clients will always have their digital customer loyalty card handy and can collect bonus points. Whether it is by visiting a store or buying a product, loyalty always pays off.

All benefits for you and your clients:

Smartphones are our permanent companions and as such the key to digital customer loyalty.

Clients can collect loyalty points by purchasing products, activating new clients, writing reviews, etc.

Activating loyal clients and finding new clients made easy

You will always reach your clients at the right time and at the right place.

You will receive insightful results from market research and your happy clients will publish their reviews, which will increase your customer satisfaction in general.

With your customised dashboard, you will always have an overview of your loyalty community's activities.

A total of 250 clients from seven different countries trust the digital customer loyalty solution by hello again. Be part of this success story!

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