Input management: helping you make the digital transformation a reality

There is an ever growing amount amount of information that businesses need to process each and every day. Messages and information have many different ways of reaching a company. There might be invoices from suppliers sent in the mail and your clients might e-mail you and potential clients might complete online forms. It is up to the sender to decide which option of getting in touch they want to use. As a business, you need to face the challenge of processing information from many sources and channelling it as needed.

Artificial intelligence is omnipresent and has been changing industries, processes, and the way we work. It also plays an increasingly important role in document processing. Our subsidiaries Scanpoint and EMD rely on artificial intelligence to provide smart input management. From the large amounts of messages your business receives on a daily basis, they provide highly structured metadata and images that can be processed automatically using downstream systems. Both digital and physical document information is processed by experienced employees using highly specialised systems. Knowledgeable project managers and highly motivated teams of developers design customised solutions for incoming information. Österreichische Post’s high-quality services, friendly collaboration and a high degree of commitment and reliability make for high customer satisfaction, long-lasting business partnerships, and prestigious clients. The bottom line is that all information will reach the right person at just the right time.

Digital incoming mail

The targeted use of sophisticated technology will make you have a great overview of your international flow of information.

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Form processing

Use our form processing service to have information about raffles, requests, surveys, etc. processed automatically and made available to you in high quality.

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Microfilm digitisation

Data research on microfilm is a labour-intensive and long process. Digital archives, on the other hand, are much faster and easier to use. We will digitise your films, microform, jackets and micro film cards swiftly and hassle-free.

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Order processing

Our solution automatically and reliably recognises the content of your clients’ orders, which significantly accelerates your order management.

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Invoice processing

Our electronic invoice processing service is the ideal solution for time-effective invoicing.

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Archive digitisation

New technology for old archives! Our input management service will help you get rid of all that paper and digitise your files and documents, no matter the type or size.

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Historic documents

Historic documents such as old books, newspapers, negatives or posters need to be preserved, but also made available to a large audience. Special systems can be used to digitise such archived material professionally and carefully.

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