Mailroom certification

How does your mailroom compare to others in Austria? Use the Österreichische Post mailroom certification service to find out. This service is independent and objective.

The mailroom certification relies on comparative values from more than 150 mailrooms. In addition to qualitative and quantitative factors, the analysis also takes into account all features that are unique to your mailroom. The result is an objective and fair assessment of your mail processes.

The mailroom certification is a four-step process:

1. Initial meeting at your company
2. Mailroom employees complete a questionnaire
3. Independent data review and analysis
4. Your mailroom will receive a certificate

Benefit from this opportunity to be successful now and in the future!


  • Professional and objective assesment of your mailroom
  • Status quo analysis reveals untapped potential
  • The certificate will increase your mailroom's reputation

Product information, mailroom certification (available in German only)