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The new normal – the new way of working at your company

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The way we work has changed dramatically in the last few years. More flexible work models that allow employees to work from home partially or fully are now the "new normal".

The digitalization of office processes and paperless work are two main elements of this new normal. More often than not, businesses face new challenges when trying to implement them. And yet, in addition to making work easier for their employees, they will eventually significantly reduce their overhead.

Things could be so easy. And they are!

Let Post Business Solutions help you with these challenges! Our product portfolio has been created to make your everyday life, which is certainly new mix of offline and online work, as easy as possible. We can make your "new normal" a reality!


Post Business Solutions has the tools for the "new normal"

At Österreichische Post, we do so much more than send letters. We have specialised on digitalisation and workplace automation so that you will be in great shape for any challenges ahead.

Digital inbox on the tablet

Digital incoming mail

Telework made easy with digital incoming mail

Do you wish you had electronic access to your entire physical daily mail on the day it comes in? If the answer is yes, the digital incoming mail by Post Business Solutions is a great choice for you. Whatever the reason why your employees cannot be on site, we will keep your paperless office up and running, ensuring that you have access to your incoming mail no matter where you are. This is the "new normal" - it's straightforward, inexpensive, and efficient!

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Send letters digitally

Send letters

from your home office with our Einfachbrief letter service

You better send those really important items through Österreichische Post, right? You can even send them online with our EinfachBrief letter service by Post Business Solutions. We will send your daily mail while you work at your home office. Just follow these easy steps: log in, upload your letters in PDF format - and we will take care of all the rest, from time-intensive printing to envelope stuffing, franking, and next-day posting. You can be sure that your documents will be delivered in a timely manner, no matter where your employees are at a given time. So why wait? Our online service is available for you 24/7 at, whether you work from home or at your office! 

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Digital signature


Digital efficiency with hybridSign

Oftentimes, to ensure that the processing of contracts is legally compliant and that documents are signed in a timely manner, inefficient document sign-offs and long waiting times are inevitable. Use our hybridSign online service to significantly speed up these processes while making them location-independent. All you have to do is sign on the device of your choice and all underlying processes will involve no paper and no intermediary scanning processes. Post Business Solutions offers a wide range of applications. You can also use hybridSign to sign time records and employment contracts with legally binding effect. As a matter of course, we use GDPR-compliant data processing and rely on Austrian data centres.

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Invoice at home office

Invoice processing

Our one-stop solution for invoices

Invoices are still commonly sent out on paper. As an alternative, businesses send them as e-mail with PDFs attached. However, this means that invoices cannot be read or processed automatically, which stands in the way of digital workflows. Team up with Post Business Solutions to enter a new era! Combine electronic invoice processing with our Mailroom Invoice service for a one-stop solution that will introduce an automated, time-saving, and location-independent invoicing process. This makes unprocessed invoices, missed discount deadlines, and booking mistakes a thing of the past. This solution is a great choice for large and medium-sized businesses with several locations and a large volume of incoming invoices that need to be reviewed on a daily basis.

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E-salary slip via smartphone


E-paycheck saves money

Paychecks have to be sent out every month. Wouldn't it be nice to make this recurring task much easier? Instead of sending out paper paychecks, more and more businesses are opting for digital delivery: use the electronic paycheck service by Post Business Solutions to have paychecks delivered to your staff with proof of delivery even if they do not have an online workplace.

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