Output management

Use our output management services for increased efficiency during production and delivery of your business and advertising mail:

Dual delivery

Whether your have physical or digital items, they will always be on their most inexpensive way to your client. More than 450,000 recipients already actively use our e-letter service.

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Mailing campaigns

Österreichische Post not only takes care of swift delivery of your addressed mailing campaign items, but can also provide production services.

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Daily mail

Use this innovative service to take care of your business mail online. It’s straightforward, swift, and inexpensive.

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Transactional printing

We handle and process your data for invoices, payment reminders, contracts and other items. This quality-assured service is inexpensive.

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As an easy to integrate tool, hybridsign offers the option of electronically signing documents independently of location and technology.

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Our e-paycheck service is all about transferring your employees’ monthly paychecks with less effort and at a lower cost.

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  • Reduces costs thanks to dual delivery (electronic and physical shipping)
  • Closed-loop quality assurance 
  • Item optimisation for letters and inserts
  • Transactional printing from the market leader that handles a volume of over 300 million pages per year
  • Benefit from volume and purchasing advantages at a large printing facility