Processing of incoming/outgoing mail

To manage your incoming and outgoing mail, we will consolidate all processes in a structured and efficient manner.

Processing incoming mail

Depending on the agreement with you, we will open, classify, document, and distribute incoming mail. If you prefer to receive your mail electronically, talk to your inhouse scanning experts who will be happy to digitise your external mail on your premises. This is a great option if you do not want items to leave your company or if you would like to have only a part of your incoming mail digitised.

Processing outgoing mail

Outgoing mail, on the other hand, will be collected at your company or, in the case of small volumes, be printed via the mailroom management. Subsequently, mail items will be prepared, sorted, franked and then shipped the most inexpensive way as recommended by our experts. 
Our clients trust our expertise and our long-standing experience. Our services are modular and customised. They range from subject-matter training for your employees to the overall management of your mailroom.
In addition to our mailroom management services, we offer other organisational services. Read more about these services in the facility management section.
Companies that no longer want to receive physical mail can use the scanning services of Scanpoint, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Österreichische Post. For companies with high printing volumes for outgoing mail, we recommend using our output management printing services.


  • Your mail will be where it needs to be with pinpoint accuracy. This service is timely and professional. Work processes will be shorter and easier to plan.
  • Your mailroom management will be in the hands of pros, thus ensuring efficiency, speed, reliability, a structured approach and a focus on cost optimisation.
  • Our "facility management" services ensure even higher utilisation and efficiency at your company.
  • Our expertise will help you professionalise your mailroom and its structures: we will be happy to make our expertise and resources available to you as part of an outsourcing concept.
  • Our clients have reported savings potential of up to 50% after implementing our suggestions.