Relocation mail

New people relocating every week.

Pick up future clients at their new address.

When clients of Österreichische Post use the mail forwarding service, we write to them to give them the opportunity to check their data once again. In addition, they receive information that might be interesting for them during and after the move. Therefore, it makes sense for you to have an insert in our relocation mail.

Among the target audience of people moving house, the willingness to change is very high because oftentimes, a move goes hand in hand with a new phase in their lives. Relocation mail is an official letter and as such gets a lot of attention. More than 80% of people moving to a new home remember the relocation letter and 75% of them find the offers and information provided very useful. By choosing an insert in our relocation mail, you can reach approximately 18,000 households per year at attractive prices.

  • Exclusive - no direct competition for your advertising
  • Topical - weekly mailing to the latest relocation addresses
  • Effective - clients are in the relocation phase and therefore open to change

Price per supplement (net)
Format Page
Area Year-round Specific times
max. DIN A4 
60-135 g/m2
Double page  national 0.25 0.35
Double page  regional 0.30 0.40
4 pages
 national 0.35 0.45
 regional 0.40 0.50
6 Seiten  national 0.45 0.55
 regional 0.50 0.60
Success quantification per supplement available at an extra charge 0.10 0.,10

Relocation mail product information (available in German only)