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Introducing the digital solutions by Post Business Solutions

At home, you recycle paper and you ride your bike to the office – but what can your company do to protect the planet? This is where our digital solutions come in. By automating, digitalising, and optimising business processes with Post Business Solutions, you save time, valuable resources, and contribute to a better climate with long-term effect.

How does one go about making a company greener?

We all know that protecting the environment as an individual is not enough. Companies big and small can sustainably reduce their CO2 footprint by avoiding piles of files and long transport routes and reducing paper consumption. These three services by Post Business Solutions make it possible:
Sustainability with HybridSign


The benefits of the digital signature are plain to see. Printing, paper, and shipping become a thing of the past; it speeds up business processes, increases your company's productivity, and simplified tedious bu-reaucracy. Thanks to the digital signature, invoices, documents, and contracts can be signed paperless, securely, and in compliance with data protection on all devices – whether it’s a simple electronic signature or the official company seal. Get information now
Sustainable e-payslips


How about delivering payslips to all your employees with a click of a mouse? Our online portal makes pay-roll processes a breeze and delivers each e-payslip confidentially and location-independent. This not only saves valuable resources but also expenses like printing, postage, and paper. In addition, the data are archived in a secure location, accessible to everyone at any time, following strict data protection guide-lines. As of today, 600,000 payslips are already being conveniently delivered electronically in Austria each year. Get information now
Sustainable dual delivery

Dual delivery

Many of your clients can conveniently be reached electronically. After we have successfully verified that they are, we will deliver your item as an e-letter – which is cost-effective, secure, and sustainable at the same time. If no e-letterbox is available yet, we will print the document on environmentally friendly paper, put it in an envelope, and deliver it physically the traditional way. Especially large companies benefit from the combination of dual delivery, reduced transport costs, ISO-certified paper, as well as the option of CO2-neutral printing, ultimately improving their ecological footprint. Get information now