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Behördenbrief (RSa/RSb)

Behördenbriefe (RSa/RSb) Varianten

The right to send official letters (RSa/RSb) is reserved to public authorities only. Such letters must meet the specifications defined in the Austrian Delivery Act and the Delivery Form Regulation. Austrian Post's production standards will apply to the design and production of official letters with advice of receipt (machine-processable letter with advice of receipt, hybrid letter with advice of receipt) For more information, see the download section below.

The following types exist:

  • Letters with advice of receipt delivered to the addressee in person (RSa letter, blue letter)
    These letters will be delivered to the addressee in person only or to somebody who has an auhorization to receive mail on the addressee's behalf. Use the additional instruction "Nicht an Postbevollmächtige" to exclude the latter option.
  • Letters with advice of receipt (RSb letters, white letters)
    Such items may also be delivered to an alternate addressee (people living in the same household, employers or employees of the addressee).

What is the hybrid letter with advice of receipt and how does it work?
For the hybrid letter with advice of receipt, clients send us electronic notification data ahead of time. At the time of delivery, we will send you an electronic proof of delivery as well as ongoing status information.

Einheitskuvert Hybrid Rückscheinbrief
Standardised envelope for RSa and RSb items with advice of receipt

Zustellnachweis Hybrider Rückscheinbrief

Benefits of Hybrid Letters with advice of receipt:

  • Low production costs
  • Inexpensive postage thanks to machine-processable envelopes
  • Data can be processed automatically iny our own systems
  • Saves money
  • Standardised envelopes for RSa and RSb items
  • Electronically traceable delivery process

As of June 29, 2016, our hybrid letters with advice of receipt have become even better!

What's new about it?

  •  Digital proof of posting: the sender will receive an electronic notification that the items have been processed at our distribution centre, including information about the time
  •  Delivery process with handheld devices: all processes performed by the delivery person will be done on the handheld device, including the addressee's signature, which makes the delivery process easier and safer. The delivery status including the confirmation of receipt and the newly required additional information (e.g. relationship of receiving party with addressee) will be transferred electronically. As a matter of course, we try to make the transition to our new interface and the use of our new and improved features as easy as possible. For technical and subject-matter specifications and detailed information, please see the interface description.

* Unfortunately, this is only available for items that we can process on our distribution machines.

Transition for existing Hybrid Letter clients in four easy steps:

  1. Schedule a meeting for a test with your customer advisor or call the Austrian Post Customer Service at 0800 212 212.
  2. You will then send us the previously agreed IDs.
  3. We will then simulate the delivery process in our testing environment and will send the data back to you.
  4. As soon as you have given your authorization, we will then activate the new export interface.

Are you interested in this service? Information for new clients

Direct connection

The interface to Austrian Post can be programmed by you or your IT service provider (for technical specifications, please see the download area). If you need additional detailed information, please contact your customer advisor or call our hotline at 0800 212 212.

Austrian Post shipping module

This is a straightforward online interface that connects to existing ELAK systems. For detailed information, please contact your customer advisor or call our hotline at 0800 212 212.

Advice of receipt tool:
This does not require any programming work and can be used immediately. For additional information, please visit




Was ist der maschinenfähige Rückscheinbrief und wie funktioniert der Versand?

Beim maschinenfähigen Rückscheinbrief ist der Rückschein im Kuvert integriert bzw. wird mit einer speziellen Klebeetikette am Kuvert angebracht. Sämtliche Absender- und Empfängerinformationen werden direkt auf dem Rückschein, Kuvert oder der Klebeetikette angedruckt.

Das Kuvert und der Rückschein sind für die maschinelle Verarbeitung optimiert

Maschinenfähige Rückscheinbriefe

Zu beachten sind die Produktionsnormen mit den Spezifikationen des Kuverts und allen Informationen zur Gestaltung der Sendung. 
Ablauf für maschinenfähige Rückscheinsendungen

  1. Keine gesonderte Vereinbarung erforderlich
  2. Bei der Produktion und Gestaltung der Sendung ist die Produktionsnorm einzuhalten. Die Drucksorten können bei namhaften Herstellern beauftragt werden. 
  3. Die Sendungen können wie gewohnt mit einer Aufgabeliste aufgegeben werden.

for government agencies

   Machine-processable HYBRID
   letter with advice of receipt
   (RSa / RSb Hybrid)

   Additional fee:
   (in addition to postage)

RSb: EUR 2.32
RSa: EUR 4.30

  • Lower postage and additional fee
  • Lower expenses thanks to inexpensive envelope and electronic advice of receipt
  • Digital proof of delivery & electronic status notification
  • Proofs of delivery will be digitised and archived
Effective 1 January 2017, discounts on postage will also be available for hybrid letters with advice of receipt. For detailed information, please click here.

   letter with advice of receipt

   Additional fee:
   (in addition to postage)

RSb: EUR 2.77
RSa: EUR 4.75

  • Lower postage and additional fee
  • Machine processable

Effective 1 January 2017, discounts  on postage will also be available for hybrid letters with advice of receipt (and for machine-processable letters with advice of receipt). For detailed information, please click here.

   Non machine-processable
   letter with advice of receipt

   Additional fee:
   (in addition to postage)

RSb: EUR 3.30
RSa: EUR 5.40

  • Postage and delivery category are higher because items cannot be processed automatically
  • Forms 3/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/2 as defined in the Delivery Regulation



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