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Pay for letter-mail postage with stamps

MEINE MARKE are personalised stamps that you can design yourself. Use your own logo or any picture to give your personalised stamp a unique touch. This will catch any addressee's attention and will take your business correspondence to the next level.

Customised stamps
You are free to design the picture area of your personalised stamps as you wish. The margin can be either yellow or blue and the name of the country either "Österreich" or "Austria". And you can also choose the face value: any value from 55 to 999 cents is available.

Self-adhesive stamps
These sheets are perforated to tear off units of four, which make them a great gift for business partners.

Stamp format and rates

Overall size 42 x 35 mm (portrait or landscape)
Size of image

34 x 21 mm landscape (design of your choice)

27 x 29 mm portrait (design of your choice)

The minimum amount of MEINE MARKE stamps is 100 units. Progressives printing is used to print these stamps. For orders of 20,000 units and up, we can also use your colours. Use our rate calculator to easily calculate the price of your MEINE MARKE stamps.

  • Your personal trademark
  • Conveys your image with a high advertising effect
  • Design of your choice
  • Distinctive and unique
  • Makes for a classy impression
  • High impact
  • Increases response rates
  • Can be posted at postboxes/postal branches
  • Use for many different occasions

Stamps made to order
Go online to to order as many personalised stamps as you want. You can upload the image of your choice. All you need is an image in JPG format. Austrian Post will produce your customised stamps within just four weeks of receiving and authorizing your image. If you are ordering more than 10,000 stamps, please contact your customer advisor or our Austrian Post Customer Service.

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