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Austrian Post will receive your data, clean up your addresses, create a layout and check if the addressee can be reached electronically. If the answer is yes, we will deliver your item inexpensively as an e-letter to the addressee's e-postbox. If not, we will print the document, put it in an envelope and deliver it physically. Either way, your item will find the most inexpensive way to your client.

More than 170,000 addressees already use our e-letter service and this number grows daily. In an effort to make to make this service even more attractive for you and new clients, Austrian Post continues to invest in the existing digital infrastructure. We now offer the following additional services for e-letters:

Your direct connection to the tax authorities:

Use your FinanzOnline access data to receive mail from the tax office in your e-postbox. You will then be able to see information about children's allowance etc. using your cell phone signature or your FinanzOnline access data.

Payment option:

If you would like to give your clients the option of paying for the transmitted documents, we can activate the payment option in our e-letter for you. This will help avoid insufficient payments and you will receive your money promptly.

Why wait? Send your letters as e-letters; every item is just EUR 0.40, no matter how many pages it has. Your clients will be very happy about the additional options we offer for electronic delivery.

The e-letter success story is available here: GENERALI sends e-letters and achieves higher efficiency while reducing costs

For more information about our e-letter service, please visit

  • Saves money on printing and postage
  • A single postbox for all documents
  • Different security levels for senders and addressees available as needed
  • Fast as an e-mail, safe as a letter

Contact us via e-mail at