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Eco Letter

Geschäftsbriefe Euro Zeichen

Use our inexpensive and reliable Eco Letter service to post your business correspondence such as quotes, invoices, payment reminders, contracts and small merchandise shipments.

This is how inexpensive shipping as Eco Letters works

  • Deliver your items with a minimum volume of 1,000 units to a distribution centre of Austrian Post.
  • Place the following postage paid indicium for Eco Letters on your items:

"Österreichische Post AG, Eco Brief Entgelt bezahlt"

Positioning the postage paid indicium:

  • In a single line above the addressee's address (leave an empty line in between)
  • As an alternative, have your envelope printed with two lines and the indicium in the upper right-hand corner
  • Design your items to make the layout machine processable, because machine processability is a requirement for items to be sent as Eco Letters. For detailed information about designing your letter mail items, please see our "Adddressing: getting it right" brochure or just have your item checked by your customer advisor, our Service Center 0800 212 212 or by going to
  • Use the Eco Letter posting list available in the download section and indicate your customer information, volume and weight of your items etc. As an alternative, use our software.

Recommended Service

Recommended Service

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Recommended Service

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Recommended Service

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