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Info.Post Collect Plus

Starting 1 July 2018, Austrian Post will expand its existing range of products by introducing Info.Post Collect Plus.
The goal of Info.Post Collect Plus is to further increase the acceptance of leaflets. For this purpose, leaflets that have a physical added value will be subsidised.

What is Info.Post Collect Plus?

Leaflets that meet all product criteria of Info.Post Collect and that additionaly include one Info.Post Collect Plus feature.

As a GTC client, you will receive an immediate 4% discount on your batch of items as soon as you use one Info.Post Collect feature in your leaflets.
This means that we will charge you the Info.Post Collect Plus rate which is 4% less expensive than the Info.Post Collect rate.

It gets even more attractive: instead of an immediate discount, contractual clients will receive a graduated annual discount depending on the frequency of their Info.Post Collect Plus features, which will be applied to the overall annual volume (Info.Post Collect & Info.Post Collect Plus).


Frequency of Plus feature Graduated annual discount applied to your annual volume of Info.Post Collect & Info.Post Collect Plus
5 and up 4%
10 and up 5%
15 and up 6%
20 and up 7%


For information about the Info.Post Collect Plus Features, please see the PDF file "Info.Post Collect Plus Features".