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Post Cloud Enterprise

Duality is a thing of the past. Nowadays, your physical mail seamlessy integrates with your digital documents. This makes interfaces and media disruptions obsolete. Systems that used to be incompatible now become one. This makes your paper logistics processes easier than ever and gives structure to your filing and archiving systems. Ultimately, teams will work together better and more efficiently.

Information relevant to your business can be managed, saved and processed via a Document Management System (DMS). Incoming documents are digitised and saved in the electronic inbox of Post Cloud Enterprise. Thanks to automatic document distribution to specific department inboxes, these documents will be available to staff members immediately and they will be able to view and process them wherever they want and whenever they want.

For all these processes, Austrian Post strongly believes in protecting sensitive data. All data is saved and archived in certified computer centers in Austria. Access is restricted and subject to access rights. The status can be viewed at all times.

Use the following apps to optimise your internal business processes:

  • Incomig mail (Mailroom)
  • Incoming invoices
  • Contract documents
  • HR documents
  • Project-related documents
  • Archiving


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Enjoy maximum security with our European cloud-based solution.

  • Relies on clients, whether you are working on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Makes for a flexible solution that fits your needs

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