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Direct Mailing

Direct Mailings - addressed advertising by Austrian Post

Direct mailing campaigns is the way to go!

Unleash the power of addressed advertising mail!

Direct mailing campaigns are the most popular print advertising format. They're high-quality, are sure to attract attention and their success is quantifiable.

40% of Austrian businesses rely on addressed advertising mail as an inherent part of their media mix. In 2018, they invested 247 million euro in direct mailing campaigns.
  • 91% of addressees read direct mailings
  • 77% use offers included in direct mailings
  • 57% share personally addressed advertising mail with friends and family
  • 35% associate direct mailings with high value, which makes them the highest-quality advertising medium available

Dialogue Marketing Report 2019

As in past years, marketmind and have teamed up to analyse the Austrina advertising market and found answers to the following questions: how do consumers perceive advertising, which channeles do they use, know and like?

Read the latest issue of the Dialogue Marketing Report 2019 to learn all the exciting findings and market research results.

Click here to download the report.



The higher a client's satisfaction with the delivery process, the higher his or her willigness to purchase again from the vendor will be. 50% of all clients who were satisfied with the delivery process turn into repeat customers of the online retailer in question. For unsatisfied clients, the percentage of those who would order again is only 21%. This illustrates that excellent logistics performance is a decisive factor for the success of online retailers.
​This is one of the many exciting findings about logistics available here: Expedition Client. 10 Customer Journeys, 10 Products. 
Our LeadManagementPlattform is a great tool for the following activities: 
  • Campaign management
  • Response quantification
  • Lead assessment
  • Follow-up activities
  • Success assessment

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