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Direct Mailing

Direct Mailings - addressed advertising by Austrian Post

Direct mailing campaigns is the way to go!

Unleash the power of addressed advertising mail!

Direct mailing campaigns are the most popular print advertising format. They're high-quality, are sure to attract attention and their success is quantifiable.

Jedes dritte österreichische Unternehmen setzt auf adressierte Werbepost in seinem Marketingmix. 227 Mio. Euro wurden 2015 in Directmails investiert!
  • 63 % der Österreicher lieben Mailings mit Gutscheinen
  • 56 % der Österreicher lieben Mailings mit Preisaktionen

Dialogue Marketing Report 2018

How is the advertising market in Austria evolving and how relevant is dialogue marketing online and in print to Austria's entrepreneurs and marketing directors? Which channels account for the biggest share of marketing expenses and how are these used by consumers? Which kind of advertising is actually perceived by Austrians?

For the Dialogue Marketing Report 2018, the market research institute marketmind interviewed more than 400 advertising and marketing directors of Austrian companies as well as 1,001 Austrians between 14 and 69 years of age.

Here are the most important findings:

  • The advertising market has once again grown compared to the previous year
  • Traditional advertising accounts for more than half of overall advertising spending
  • Online advertising has the hightest growth rate
  • There is an unequivocal tendency of consumers wanting to decide when and which advertising they want to consume
  • Personally addressed advertising mail is becoming increasingly popular and is seen as especially informative, useful and interesting

Detailed information and other findings of the survey are available in the 2018 Dialogue Marketing Report


In der vorliegenden Studie „Erfolgsfaktoren im E-Commerce – Top-Online-Shops in Österreich“ in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Handelsverband, der Österreichischen Post und Google Austria untersucht das ECC Köln im dritten Jahr die aus Kundensicht besten Online-Shops in Österreich und nimmt zentrale Erfolgsfaktoren im E-Commerce unter die Lupe.

A recent study by Marketagent commissioned by Austrian Post (survey period December 2015, N=1006) analysed the relevance of product samples in the Austrian retail market. Among other aspects, this study explored how important product samples are, who their target audience is and how the target audience would like to receive samples.
  • For 46% of surveyed people who purchase or try a product, free samples are an incentive to buy.
  • 85 % (90 % of women and 80 % of men) find samples interesting.
  • 71% of surveyed Austrians like receiving samples in the mail.
  • The main reasons why people like samples:
    the opportunity of trying products
    - forming their own opinion
    testing products in the comfort of their home.

Our LeadManagementPlattform is a great tool for the following activities: 
  • Campaign management
  • Response quantification
  • Lead assessment
  • Follow-up activities
  • Success assessment

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