Corporate Social Responsibility

Austrian Post believes that a sustainable approach to its business translates into major opportunities for the entire company. This explains why, in addition to economic factors, ecological and social considerations play an important role at Austrian Post.

Austrian Post has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2007. Its principles regarding human rights, labour laws, environmental protection and anti-corruption guide all our goals and actions. Austrian Post is also committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations which have been in effect since January 2017 and has incorporated these goals into its sustainability strategy. 

PRO ACTIVE! Austrian Post's new sustainability programme

The Austrian Post sustainability strategy is based on the strategic cornerstones and core values defined in the mission statement, taking into consideration stakeholder concerns as well as opportunities and risks. The sustainability strategy covers the areas of economy, employees, society and the environment.  
In 2016, Austrian Post worked intensively on its sustainability strategy. The new programme is called “PRO ACTIVE! Austrian Post. Sustainable for Austria” to underline the fact that sustainability is not a one-off objective but an ongoing process that requires action in different areas.

Successful business management today and tomorrow is the top priority at Austrian Post as it allows for long-term growth which ultimately preserves our leading market position. After all, only profitable companies can assume their corporate social responsibility and make an appropriate contribution to social and ecological needs.

For more information, please see our latest sustainability report.