Welcome! Post.at relaunch

We are currently working on a website relaunch. While selected services are already available in the new design, others still have the old design, including the redirection service page. As a matter of course, all pages are fully functional.

Thank you for your understanding and we will see you soon in the newly designed world of Österreichische Post.

We are currently improving the following services:

Our redesigned pickup service is already available. Our parcel stamp service will follow shortly. We will provide timely information about any relevant changes.

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Frequently asked questions

For security reasons, we require you to sign in twice when you change from the “new” into the “old” system.
No. Existing Österreichische Post services will still be fully available and functional. Changes affect the design only.
Specific services are available in your profile as previously. Just click on “Log in/register” in the right-hand corner or use the navigation menu to go to the desired product.
Our services currently run on parallel systems. While some services are already availably in the new design, we are still working on improving others. We are doing everything we can to improve the situation for you as soon as possible and we constantly strive to make our services even better. 
There is no need to sign up again because your data will be transferred from the old system.
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