Upload documents on the go or from home and print them at your postal branch using our Österreichische Post online printing service

Do you need to print documents but don't have a printer available? We can help! At more than 300 Österreichische Post branches with a self-service printer, you can copy and scan documents as well as print your electronic documents yourself. If you need to send a fax, please talk to our staff members.

Post online printing customer in branch
  1. Click on create print order
  2. Upload document(s)
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your print code
  4. Go to a postal branch that has a self-service printer
  5. Insert money or your copy card
  6. Enter your print code on the printer under Österreichische Post online printing
  7. Select document and print

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Pay with coins

Format B/W or in colour Price in euro per page


B/W 0.30
A4 Colour 0.60
A3 B/W 0.60
A3 Colour 1.20

Scan on USB

Format B/W or in colour Price in euro per page
A4/A3 B/W, colour 1.00

Pay with bonus card

Bonus card Credit Discount
EUR 10 EUR 12 17% based on A4 B/W copies
EUR 100 EUR 120 17% based on A4 B/W copies

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