Receive letters in a PO box

Thanks to swift delivery directly to the postal branch where your PO box is located, you decide when to pick up your item.

  • Easy, discreet and safe storage
  • Flexible pickup 24/7 for PO boxes with keys
  • Use our Privat Plus Service to have all items sent to your address forwarded to your PO box

Our PO boxes for letter mail include letter mail (except official RSa and RSb letters), Info.Mail, newspapers, and small parcels.

  Euro (net)  Euro (gross) 
PO box, private clients (monthly)  7.50  9.00 
PO box, private clients plus (monthly)  15.00  18.00 
One-off service fee for boxes with automatic lock system 20.83  25.00 
Fee for changing a PO box lock  25.00 


Contractual period and special offers Free months
3 months
6 months
1 year 1 month free * 
2 years 3 months free * 
3 years 5 months free * 


*) Available only when purchsing the special offer by Österreichische Post AG (prepayment for using the PO box for 1, 2 or 3 years). If you take advantage of the special offer, you will be bound to the prepaid contractual period (no refunds available).