Release delivery authorisation

Would you like to receive your items even when you are not home?
Use our release delivery authorisation to have registered letter mail, packets, small parcels, and Post Express items deposited in your letterbox*.
For us to be able to leave large parcels at your home, please indicate an appropriate place when we can deposit them. Your item will be there even when you are not there.
*  Except official letters with advice of receipt (RSa/RSb)

Please note:

To use our online services, you must first prove your identity.

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How can I set up a release delivery authorisation?

  1. Request online 
  2. Request at a postal branch
    To set up a release delivery authorisation, you will need an official picture ID for the person authorised to sign. This will allow you to have even large items delivered to a place of your choice at your home.
    Locate a branch and request release delivery authorisation


  • This service is free of charge
  • Items will get delivered even when you are not home
  • We will leave "yellow notifications" just to let you know the item has been delivered
  • Saves you a trip to your postal Service location and Opening hours are no longer an issue