Additional services for international parcels

Choose from the following services to fit your needs.

Cash-on-delivery (collection of cash)

Choose this option if you would like the recipient to receive your parcel after he or she has paid the specified amount to the Österreichische Post delivery person. We will transfer the COD amount to your account after collection.

Parcels with indication of value

For the following items, senders must indicate the insured value:

  • Cash, checks, securities, debit or credit cards, jewellery, precious metals, gems, urns with ashes, etc.
  • Any content worth more than EUR 510

The maximum insured value is EUR 25,000. Österreichische Post ships such items with special security precautions. For more details please visit our site Sending items with indication of value

Please note: these additional services are only available for international parcels but not for every country of destination. For more information, please see our rate calculator or call our customer service at 0800 010 100.

Please find all rates for our additional services here