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AllesPost® has arrived: Receiving parcels made super easy.

Use AllesPost® to decide who will deliver your parcels. Request AllesPost® now

When you shop online, you usually do not get to decide which shipping service the online store in question uses. With AllesPost®, you will reveive all future items from Österreichische Post and the quality level you are used to and appreciate. Request your voucher now to try AllesPost® for 3 months free of charge. After these three free months are up, the service will stop automatically. You can then decide if you would like to purchase this service and continue using it.

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    You will receive an AllesPost® address that you will use as a delivery address for future orders from the online shop etc. in question.

  2. Delivery basis with Österreichische Post lorry 2

    All your parcels from any parcel service will then be delivered to this new delivery address.

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    Our delivery staff will accept your item and deliver it to you as usual. Choose from different receiving options to find one that fits your needs.

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The benefits of AllesPost®:

  • No more picking up parcels from different parcel shops
  • Conveniently receive parcels, save money, and benefit from all Österreichische Post delivery options
  • This saves time, distances and even CO2

3-month subscription: € 14.90 incl. VAT (10 parcels max.) * fair use principle
12-month subscription: € 39.90 incl. VAT (40 parcels max.) * fair use principle

* The fair use principle means that you can use AllesPost for a maximum of 10 items if you have a 3-month subscription and for a maximum of 40 items if you have a 12-month subscription. Please keep track and make sure you do not exceed these limits.

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This service can be used for all merchandise.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Items that are too large: maximum length 200 cm and maximum girth 360 cm (= length + circumference) 
  • Items that are too heavy: maximum 31.5 kg
  • Declared value higher than EUR 510
  • Items that include payments to the delivery person (cash-on-delivery, customs, etc.)
  • Items with hazardous goods (see our GTC  for sending hazardous goods)
  • Registered mail
  • Items that the sender must receive personally (e.g., mobile phones with a contract that needs to be signed)

Items with one or several of the characteristics mentioned above, advertising mail (e.g., catalogues) as well as damaged items will not be received.

Please note: AllesPost® has exclusively been created for receiving merchandise. Therefore, your AllesPost® address may only be used as a delivery address. It may not be used as an invoicing address or delivery address for letter mail.

Please note: use your AllesPost® address only if your item is not time-sensitive. There might be delivery delays (please see "Will I receive my items just as swiftly if I have them sent to my AllesPost® address?")

AllesPost® is available for all known Austrian addresses and can only be ordered online.

A known address is any address for which you will receive a suggestion after entering it in the "My data" field.

Please note: it might take a while until new addresses, e.g., addresses in a new building, are listed in the system.

We will e-mail you your AllesPost® address along with important information about how to use it. Any deviation might result in our not being able to match your items to you and we would not be able to deliver them correctly. Against this background, please follow the instructions below:

Your AllesPost® ID for correctly matching your items to you. Therefore, please enter this information in an appropriate field of the delivery address, e.g., "company", "additional address line", "c/o", "address 2", etc. The name of the field will vary depending on the online shop. If such a field does not exist, you have two options:

  • Some online shops allow you to use the "street number" field for the street number and the door number together and the "staircase/door" can be used for your AllesPost® ID.
  • Use the field "title".
  • If you do not see an appropriate field, please enter the AllesPost® ID into the name field before your first name.

If entering the street and door number using the "1/1" format is not allowed, please use "1 door 1" format.

Your AllesPost® address can be used for all mail-order companies. In exceptional cases, some mail-order companies might not support this service. In that case, please contact the mail-order company in question.
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