Contactless delivery and other contactless services

To protect you and our employees from getting infected, we are currently increasing our contactless delivery efforts.

How contactless delivery works

  • Our delivery person knocks on the door or rings the doorbell.
  • They will ask if they can sign on the handheld device on your behalf.
  • If you agree, the delivery person will confirm the delivery and will place your item in your letterbox or on your doorstep, depending on the item's size.
  • Thanks to this procedure, you won't have to sign on the handheld device and you will receive your item without and direct or physical contact.
  • If you are not home, your parcel will be deposited for you in a collection box, a kiosk, a pick-up station, a postal branch or a Post Partner, which is the standard process. 

Please note:

To use our online services, you must first prove your identity.

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Contactless services:

Receive mail as needed

Always receive items, even when you are not at home. Choose from four delivery options in your Post Account.

Set up now

mail forwarding service

pick-up service

item tracking