Current information on the coronavirus

Österreichische Post is considered a critical infrastructure facility and as such continues to make sure that logistics services and services at our branches are provided as usual.

Contactless delivery

To protect both you and our employees from getting infected, we are currently making contactless deliveries, i.e. deliveries without any direct physical contact.

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Below please find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19: 


Are postal branches open? 
Our more than 400 postal branches are open for business as usual. Exception: Vienna International Centre

For additional information including our opening hours, please click here.

What is the status at Post Partners?
Only those that are legally allowed to stay open – that is, food retailers, pharmacies, tobacconists, filling stations, etc. – also offer postal services. For additional information including our opening hours, please click here.

For an overview of currently closed Post Partners, can be found in the downloads.

What happens with items deposited at Post Partners that are currently closed?
Announcements will be put up at Post Partners with information about such deposited items.

Have access limitations been introduced at branches?
No more than 3 customers are allowed inside a branch at once. This allows us to make sure we comply with the maximum of 5 people per room while respecting the minimum distance of 1 metre as defined by the Austrian federal government.

Our staff members have been instructed to keep a minimum distance of 1 metre and to take a step back from the counter whenever a customer takes active action such as signing or handing over money. Handshakes are prohibited.

Are there limitations in international postal services?
International postal services are currently available to a very limited extent only.
For some destinations, we are currently unable to accept letter mail items or parcels. For more information, please click here


Our delivery staff have been instructed to keep a minimum distance of 1 metre.

Are there restrictions for delivery?
Deliveries are currently provided as usual, even in municipalities that are under quarantine. All deliveries are currently contactless, i.e., without physical contact.

What happens with items addressed to companies that are closed?
If items cannot be delivered/accepted, they will be returned to the sender. If you are a large customer, please contact your customer advisor.

Is the cash-on-delivery service still available?
Yes. Our delivery person will give the customer a envelope in which he or she can place the cash and hand it back. If the customer does not want this, we can deposit the item at the closest postal service location for the customer to pick it up later. If needed, there is the option of cashless payment. If the customer does not accept any of these solutions, the item will be returned to the sender.

Will I continue to receive my pension, unemployment benefits etc.?
Our delivery staff will give customers an envelope with the respective amount of cash, which is done contactless (i.e. without physical contact) and will keep the minimum distance. The customer can then check the amount, confirm receipt by signing the receipt with his or her own pen. This arrangement does not apply to Vienna, where pension and unemployment benefits will continue to be picked up by beneficiaries at our postal branches.

How will official RSa and RSb letters (letters from public authorities) be delivered in the future?
Given the current situation, for everybody's protection, we have switched to contactless delivery of ALL items that need proof of delivery. After checking with the recipient, all RSa and RSb items will therefore be placed in the letter box. Customers do not have to sign themselves.

  1. (Alternative) recipient is home
    Our delivery staff will ring the doorbell. If the recipient or someone who lives in the same household (alternative recipient) is home, he or she will be given oral information, e.g. via the intercom or by keeping an appropriate distance at the doorstep, that we will place the item in the letterbox. After this, the letter will be considered delivered.
  2. (Alternative) recipient is not home
    If neither the recipient nor a person who lives in the same household is home, the delivery person will leave a written notification at the flat/house/backyard door with information that an official letter could not be delivered personally (contactless) and will place the letter in the letterbox. In this case, the letter will also be considered delivered.
    If, in exceptional cases, neither oral nor written notification can be provided to the (alternative) recipient, the delivery person will place both the notification and the official letter in the letter box. The notification will include a handwritten note that says "residential letterbox". In this case, the letter will also be considered delivered.

Do I still have to sign advices of receipt personally?
No. Our delivery person will notify you about them. This notification is either done in person (e.g. via the intercom or by keeping the adequate distance at your door) or via written information.

Can you forward letters with advice of receipt to me?
Yes, this can be done using our mail forwarding service. Exception: if the authority in question has excluded the mail forwarding option by indicating this on the item.

How are parcels currently deposited if nobody is home?
Our delivery staff will try to deliver the parcel to the addressee or give it to an alternative recipient who lives in the same household. All of the above are contactless options. In order to avoid contact as much as possible for everybody's protection, we propose the following steps if contactless delivery is not possible:

  1. If a release delivery authorisation exists = delivery as defined in the release delivery authorisation (if not: item 2 applies)
  2. Placing in the Österreichische Post mail collection box as per standard process (if not: item 3 applies)
  3. Notification and placement in a pick-up station as per standard process is only possible if a spot in a pick-up station can be reserved at the place of delivery (if not: item 4 applies)
  4. The parcel will be placed in a non-public spot at the recipient's address that is a safe as possible.

It will be deposited at the counter at the postal branch only if the situation is very ambiguous.

Please note: the deposit period for all parcel items has been reduced to one week.


Can the mail forwarding service currently also be requested online?
Yes, because effective immediately, the required identification process can be performed by the Österreichische Post customer service. The mobile signature can also be used as well as a WebID process via videoconference (system is currently overloaded). Among others, this will allow companies whose offices have to remain closed during the current emergency situation to receive incoming items at an alternate address. Click here to see how it works.


What hygiene measures have been introduced at postal branches?
For their own protection, all employees have been encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands with soap. We have also made sure that touchscreens and PC keyboards get disinfected. The screens of our pick-up kiosk are also being adequately cleaned.

What additional measures have been introduced for the delivery staff?
Effective immediately, Österreichische Post is making contactless deliveries only. This means that after the delivery person rings the doorbell and talks to the recipient via the intercom, he or she will put the item in the postbox or on the doorstep.

As of March 24th 2020