Energy cost calculator: myths and truths

Switching to a new power or gas provider: myths and truths  

Everybody wants to have more money at the end of the month. By switching to the most inexpensive energy provider, you will be taking a first big step towards this goal. Unfortunately, many Austrians are reluctant to make this transition, even though it is really easy and the many reservations that exist are unjustified. Read on to find out why these myths are false and learn about the true experiences made by Austrians:


1. If I switch, I might not have power or gas for a few days.

False. Switching to a new energy provider will not interrupt your service and you will always have power and gas. These will only be turned off if you fail to pay your power or gas bill.

Exception: if you have outstanding payments with your old provider even though you have cancelled your contract and the new provider does not accept you because of this situation. In this case, just find a new provider, e.g., with the help of the Österreichische Post energy cost calculator.

2. Switching to a new power or gas provider is complicated and takes long

False. All it takes is a few clicks and entering some data. Use the Österreichische Post energy cost calculator to take care of this in just a few minutes! 

3. If I switch to new power or gas provider, I will need a new power or gas meter.

False, because meters are universally used by all providers. Also, they belong to you alone and not to the provider.

4. I can also switch to a new power or gas provider with a salesperson at my doorstep

FALSE! Terribly false. Please do not sign any contracts for power or gas at your doorstep even if the salesperson comes across as trustworthy and independent. You are better advised to go online and visit an independent comparison platform such as the Österreichische Post energy cost calculator to get an objective comparison.

5. If I switch to a more inexpensive power or gas provider, I will save money now and in the future

Not necessarily, because the cheap offer is oftentimes only valid for the first year and after that, the new and inexpensive provider will be more expensive than the standard provider. This is why a yearly reminder to switch is useful because it will show you which provider has the most inexpensive rate on the market at a given time. Österreichische Post now offers such as service. In addition, with alternative energy providers, you will benefit from a free basic fee or a transition bonus.

6. Grid fees could increase any time

No, because E-Control (the Austrian regulatory authority for the power and gas market) determines grid fees once a year for every grid area. Therefore, power and gas providers cannot change their rates at will.

7. Flexible power rates are cheaper than fixed ones

While this might be the case in the following months, this is not true in the long run. The danger with flexible power rates is that national rate increases might be charged unexpectedly.

8. It is impossible to get an overview of the power and gas market

It is possible! Independent comparison platforms exist. These rely on a register of more than 100 energy providers and their rates and data. One of them is the Österreichische Post energy cost calculator. Use these platforms to find the right power rate from the most inexpensive provider. We have even linked to the providers so that you can switch immediately. 

Switch now and save money!

Have fun spending the money you saved on your power and/or energy bill.