EU initiative: choose paper

Support the "Keep me posted" initiative that advocates for paper invoices.

Every person in Europe has a residential address, but not everybody has internet access at home. If you are reading this text at home, you live in one of the Austrian households that do have an internet connection. The number is 8 in 10, which is European average. 

However, in Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, more than 40% of households do not have access to the internet, and even in countries like Italy and Portugal, the number exceeds 30%. And still, companies in these countries prefer to send out e-invoices, ignoring the fact that delivery via traditional mail would offer many benefits even to households that do have internet access.

It does not have to be that way. In Austria, your right to receive an invoice is enshrined in the Telecommunications Act and the Supreme Court has already ruled that invoices must be free of charge. Austria is setting an example to follow.

Within the EU, more and more people are calling for invoice delivery via traditional mail: the "Keep me posted "initiative is an alliance of different advocacy groups that advocate for this right. If you would like to learn more about this initiative or if you would like to support it, please click here.