Humanitarian Aid Ukraine

#helptogether for the Ukraine

How it works

Humanitarian aid Ukraine

We support the Ukraine and send your aid packages free of charge to where they are needed.

Europe, and Ukraine in particular, are currently in a situation that no one expected until a few weeks ago. Within a very short time, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly find themselves on the run or are confronted with tanks and armed soldiers on their own doorstep.
Even though we as Austrian Post can neither stop the situation nor foresee the outcome, we want to do what we can to help the people in Ukraine and the refugees at the border.

Due to the state of war, Austrian Post will transport parcels with relief goods to Ukraine free of charge until further notice.1)

1) Note: Due to the state of war in Ukraine, there may be problems with electronic tracking and tracing, also Ukrainian Post may not be able to deliver in some areas of the country or only with delay. Österreichische Post AG reserves the right to stop sending parcels to Ukraine free of charge at any time. There is no warranty. Any liability is governed by the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention.
Humanitarian Aid Ukraine

How it works

You can send aid parcels free of charge to family, friends and social institutions with a specific receiving address. The packages must bear the clearly visible inscription "HUMANITARIAN AID UKRAINE" and can be dropped off at all post offices and Post Partners. What is needed and what may be packed can be found below. Find a post office
helptogether food

What to pack?

What is needed?

  • Food (canned food, pasta, flour, dry sausages, coffee, sugar)
  • Household items (sleeping mats, blankets, thermos flasks)
  • Hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, wet wipes)
  • Medical products and medicines (bandages, antibiotics, painkillers)

What is not allowed?

  • Weapons
  • Prescription drugs
  • Perishable food
  • Drugs
  • Cash
  • Inflammable substances
  • More info can be found at GTC Package International

What may be the value of the package?

  • The contents of a package must not exceed the value of 100 euros, otherwise the recipient may incur customs duties.
  • Since it is a shipment to a third country, each package must also be accompanied by a customs form.

Humanitarian Aid Ukraine

FAQ #helptogether


Durable food (canned food, pasta, coffee, etc.), hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, sham-poo, etc.), medical products (bandages, painkillers, etc.) and household items (blankets, sleeping mats, etc.) are currently urgently needed. 

If you have direct contact with your family or friends, please ask them which items are most needed.

Weapons, perishable food, prescription medicines and inflammatory substances are not allowed to be sent by mail. For more information, please refer to the GTC Package International.

The value of the package may not exceed 100 euros, so that the recipient does not have to pay customs duty.

The package may weigh a maximum of 30 kilograms in order to be eligible for the relief action. The sum of the longest and shortest side of the package must not exceed 120 cm.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to estimate at the moment, as there may be delays in transport due to the war.

In addition to a recipient address of your family members, friends or a social institution in Ukraine, we ask you to handwrite "HUMANITARIAN AID UKRAINE" on the package. Please mark it clearly and in large letters with a waterproof sharpie pen.

Our hotline is available free of charge nationwide at: 0800 60 20 60