Wine parcel service for international parcels

Fine wines can easily travel the world as long as they have the right packaging. Use our wine parcels prepaid for safe shipping to EU countries:

  • These cartons have been developed exclusively for bottle shipping and maximum breakage resistance. They have been tested by the Austrian Packaging Institute.
  • Our wine parcels include postage for domestic destinations, packaging, Österreichische Post liability for up to EUR 510 and the Austrian road toll surcharge.
  • Cartons for three, six and twelve bottles are available.
  • Wine bottles can be shipped to all EU countries. 

You can post your wine parcels at any Österreichische Post service location in Austria and at participating OMV filling stations in Austria. Please post wine parcels to destinations in the EU at an Österreichische Post service location. Our tried-and-trusted cash-on-delivery service is also available at all service locations. To find the closest branch that sells wine parcels, please click here. Use the filter function to select the "wine parcel" service.

 Prepaid wine parcels

Wine parcel For 3 bottles
For 6 bottles For 12 bottles
Basic fee for domestic shipping  8.40
(7.00 net)

(8.00 net)

(10.00 net)

Add Austrian road toll 0.26
(0.22 net)
(0.22 net)

(0.22 net)

Surcharge for shipping to Germany 9.36
(7.80 net)

(8.90 net)

(8.90 net)
Surcharge for shipping to other EU countries*) 13.80
(11.50 net)
(15.30 net) 
(19.40 net)

All indicated rates are in euro and include 20% VAT.
*) The difference to shipping to EU countries will be charged at the time of posting the wine parcel at the Österreichische Post service location.