Domestic letter mail rates

In this section, you will find all rates for sending letter mail in Austria. Your item's format, weight, delivery time and machine processability will determine the rate (non machine-processable items fall into the next higher rate category; for detailed information about machine processability, please visit 

Letter mail

Choose from the following two letter mail products:

  • PRIO: for swift delivery in E+1 (delivery on the following business day, Saturdays excluded)
  • ECO: for less time-sensitive items (delivery within 2 to 3 business days, Saturdays excluded)

Private clients may post a maximum of 300 items addressed by hand.

All indicated rates are exempt from VAT as part of universal services.


Product  Max. format  Weight Delivery to letterbox PRIO  ECO 

L 353 mm x
W 250 mm x
H 30 mm

up to 2 kg  yes 2.75  2.55 
L 1.000 mm x
W 600 mm x
H 600 mm
up to 2 kg  yes 4.30  4.10 

Item tracking for PRIO packets is available as an option (free of charge).
All indicated rates are in euro. Minimum dimensions L 140 mm x W 90 mm,  exempt from VAT as part of universal services.

Packets M with L + W + H > 900 mm (or with the largest dimension > 500 mm) can only be posted in combination with item tracking. Items in tubes can either be posted as M packets without certificate of posting or with the additional service "registered mail". The additional service "item tracking" is not available for items sent in tubes. 

Use the sizing template in our download area to find the right postage for your letter mail. The process is easy and transparent.

Registered mail and additional services

Registered mail and additional services are available for the PRIO shipping option only.

Additional services Rate in euro
Item tracking 0.00 
Registered mail 2.30 
Deliver to addressee only 2.20 
Advice of receipt 2.20 
Do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail  1.50 
Sender information via text message or e-mail 0.10 

*) Indicated rates for additional letter mail services exclude postage. VAT will be charged or not depending of the main service (associated peripheral service)
1) As of 1 July 2017, item tracking is available as a free option for all PRIO packets. However, if you choose free item tracking, no other additional services are available. Items sent in tubes can only be posted with the additional service "item tracking".
2) Available in combination with the additional service "registered mail" only.
3) Available only in combination with the additional services "registered mail" and "deliver to addressee only".

Other letter mail services

Other services for letter mail are available in combination with our PRIO shipping option only.

Service Rate per item in euro 
 net  gross
Poste restante (will be charged at the time of pickup)  1.00 
Collection service: transfer to a bank account (subject to VAT)   - 5.40 
Item inquiry per item 4.00
Indicated rates for other services exclude postage. VAT will be charged or not independently of the main service. 

Brochure Correct addressing (available in German only)


Sizing template, letters (available in German only)