Postage payment made easy.

Below please find your options for paying for PRIO and ECO letter mail postage.

Stamps yes
Postcard set yes 
Domestic letter set yes yes
Franking service yes
Counter at Österreichische Post service location yes yes
Franking machine in the self-service area of your Österreichische Post service location  yes


To pay for postage for PRIO items, you can use valid stamps issued by Österreichische Post.

If you are using several items, we recommend affixing them next to each other instead of one above the other. This makes your items easier to process for our machines, which speeds up delivery.

Stamps for shipping purposes are available here

Meine Marke personalised stamps

Design your customised stamps with a face value ranging between 55 and 999 cents for your PRIO items. All you need is your favorite image in JPG format. These personalised stamps allow you to add a very special touch to any mail you send to friends and business partners.

Comprehensive information about this product and an online order form are available under

Postcard sets

Our postcard sets for PRIO items are all in one: 10 postcards with prepaid postage for domestic use. We also have postcard sets for international use (EU and rest of Europe). Additional information about international shipping is available here

Additional services
For registered mail and other additional services, you can add stamps to postcards from a postcard set.

 Our sets Domestic International
10 pack postcard set (PRIO, Linz coat of arms)  yes
10 pack postcard set  (PRIO, Eisenstadt coat of arms)  yes

Domestic letter set

This product is all in one: our letter sets include either 5 or 10 PRIO or ECO envelopes for domestic use. This will make your life easier because you do not have to get envelopes and stamps separately.

Additional services
Letters from our set for PRIO items can be used for registered mail and other additional services that require stamps.

Our sets  PRIO S  PRIO M  ECO S  ECO M 
5 x C6 envelope (without window)  yes       
5 x C5/6 envelope (without window)  yes      
5 x C5/6 envelope (with window) yes  yes    
5 x C5 envelope (without window)   yes    
10 x C6 envelope (without window)   yes  yes yes
10 x C5/6 envelope (without window)     yes yes 
10 x C5 envelope (without window)     yes yes

Franking service

For 30 items and up, we will be happy to take care of franking your domestic and international PRIO and ECO letter mail to Austrian letter mail items for you. You will save money and know that your letters will always have the right postage. The additional expense is minimal: per letter, we charge only EUR 0.19 in addition to postage and any additional services.

The following additional services are available for PRIO items:

  • Registered mail
  • Do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail
  • Advice of receipt
  • Cash-on-delivery