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Our ideas competition runs through 31 July 2022! Submit your idea here!

Ideas for sustainable reusable packaging

Österreichische Post lives and breathes sustainability and has done for a long time. Österreichische Post was the first postal services company to guarantee its clients CO2-neutral delivery, as early as 2011. Today, Österreichische Post supports the ideas competition "Re:Postboxing - ideas for reusable packaging." We have teamed up with the Graz-based company ISN - Innovation Service Network to look for ideas regarding the parcel packaging of the future. "Re:Postboxing" is all about finding ideas for the increased use of reusable packages to reduce waste from single-use packaging. Everybody can make a sustainable contribution and submit ideas. The sky is the limit for your creativity!

During the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce reached new heights, and the parcel volume grew significantly. The same is true for the amount of single-use packaging that ends up in the trash after just a single use. In order to curb negative effects on humanity and the environnent, innovative solutions for reusing shipping boxes are needed.

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Rethinking packaging

In the spirit of the concept of circular economy, packaging-related waste should increasingly be avoided and replaced by reusable parcels. What sustainable and eco-friendly ideas for multiple-use solutions for online orders do you have?

  • How can packaging become reusable?
  • How can reusable packages go through several delivery cycles?
  • How could people be encouraged to reuse parcels?

Our ideas competition runs through 31 July! 

Submit your idea here!

How to participate

How about reducing waste with reusable packaging to achieve a sustainable effect?

Find out how to participate in our ideas competition.


A collaboration between Österreichische Post and Logo innovation service network

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  2. Re-Postboxing

    Anybody who lives in Austria and is 18 years of age or older can submit ideas between 13 June 2022 and 31 July 2022. The community and a jury of logistics and e-commerce experts as well as researchers will select and honour the best ideas.

  3. Re-Postboxing

    In addition to receiving prizes, winners will have the option of actively participating in the implementation of their idea and discover the role of inventor and pioneer.