Delivery person with parcels in front of a children's playhouse

Receiving and sending parcels made convenient and safe

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Parcel forwarding delivery person depositing a parcel at a pickup station

Parcel forwarding

Are you expecting a parcel but won’t be home at the scheduled day of delivery? No worries! You can now forward parcels to any destination in Austria in an easy and straightforward process.

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Delivery person depositing a parcel at a children's playhouse release delivery authorisation

Release delivery authorisation

Would you like to receive your items even when you are not home? Use our free release delivery authorisation to have your items deposited at a safe place of your choice at your home.

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Delivery person with a parcel and delivery vehicle collection service

Collection service

Are you short on time and can’t take your parcels to the postal service location? No worries! Pre-order our service and have Austrian Post pick up your mail from the comfort of your home.

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The Austrian Post app will make your life easier

Would you like to know where your parcel is at any given time and even redirect your parcel if needed? Would you like to receive the yellow notification on your smartphone or via e-mail? Download our Österreichische Post app to have your mail with you at all times.

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Tips for parcels

For our employees and everybody who handles your items, it is currently very important to be able to receive and process parcels without any direct contact.
Therefore, Österreichische Post offers a range of convenient online services for safely receiving and sending parcels.

  1. Contactless sending: woman posting a parcel at a self-service area

    Safe sending

    Contactless parcel posting is very easy and straightforward.
    Use our parcel stamps to pay for postage from the comfort of your home. As a next step, you can post your parcel in one of our 460 posting boxes in our self-service areas. We also have more than 60 Österreichische Post stations that you can use to post your items. It's convenient and safe.

  2. Contactless receiving: man picking up a parcel at a pickup station

    Safely receive parcels

    You can receive your parcels in a convenient, safe, and contactless process at one of our more than 400 pickup stations. If you would like to combine a trip to your postal service location with grocery shipping at Hofer, our Österreichische Post stations are a great choice. You can have parcels sent there or even forwarded on short notice. 
    Use our e-letter service to receive important invoices and documents in a quick, convienent, and safe process. Set up a redirection to have your mail follow you wherever you are, either to a new address or to a PO box without any direct contact. 

  3. Swift delivery: delivery person with a parcel running up stairs

    Swift delivery

    If time is of the essence, Post Express is just what you need. In Austria, Post Express items are delivered on the day after posting by 1:00 p.m. at the latest. For international items, use our convenient and swift Post Express International service.