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Receive Letter Mail

Small pile of white envelopes


Upon request, we will be happy to send your letter mail items to a new address or to your holiday destination.


PO Box for Letter Mail

Choose this option to have your letter mail waiting for you at the postal branch of your choice. It's safe and discreet.


Poste Restante

Have your mail sent to any Austrian Post service location in Austria as poste restante.


Vacation Hold Mail

Our vacation hold mail is your best option for a relaxing holiday. We will safely hold your mail for you and we will deliver it on the day specified by you.


Authorization to Receive Mail

You have the option of authorizing a person you trust to receive mail on your behalf. All you have to do is go to your local postal branch to set up an authorization to receive mail.


Release Delivery Authorization

Give us a release delivery authorization to receive registered letters, parcels and EMS items at your address even when you are not home.


Postal Branch of Your Choice

Upon request, we will forward your mail to a postal branch of your choice and we will notify you as soon as mail has been received, either via text message or e-mail.


Notification of Absence

Planning on leaving town on a holiday or on a business trip? We will be happy to return all RSa and RSb letters to their senders during the specified period of time. Missed deadlines will be a thing of the past.



It's as convenient as an e-mail and as safe as a letter. Available 24/7, wherever you want. Plus, it's free and safe.


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