Receive Letter Mail Via Vacation Hold Mail

Poldi walks besides a mailbox

While you are gone on vacation, we will either safely store your mail for you to pick up or deliver it to you when you return. It's up to you to choose!

What do I have to do to use the vacation hold mail service?


Set up vacation hold mail at a postal branch near you

  • No more overflowing postboxes
  • No indication that you are gone
  • No more missed deadlines (official RSa and RSb letters will be returned)
  • Delivery upon your return at the day of your choice


Options EUR (net)  EUR (including tax)
1 week 10.75 12.90
2 weeks 12.42 14.90
4 weeks 16.58 19.90
Additional services EUR (net)  EUR (including tax)
Delivery at the day of your choice 12.50 15.00
Delivery at the day and time of your choice 12.50 15.00