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Receive Letter Mail via Mail Redirection


Use our redirection service to have your letter mail items and/or parcels delivered to either a new address or your holiday home. This service is available for any length of time, ranging from 30 days to one year -- whatever works best for you.

What do I have to do to redirect my mail?

How can I order the Austrian Post redirection service?

Order online now


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Redirect your mail at your local postal branch now

Required documents:

  • an official proof of identity for the person authorized to sign

  • rasche Zustellung der täglichen Post an Ihre neue Adresse oder Ihre Urlaubsadresse
  • für Adressen im In- und Ausland
  • nur 3 Werktage Vorlaufzeit
  • Zeitraum nach Wunsch wählbar (max. 1 Jahr)
  • Ihre Post erreicht Sie ohne Unterbrechung
  • auch an Postfächer zustellbar
Mail Redirection for Letter Mail and Packets (universal service) Domestic
Private clients
- For up to 3 calendar months 11.90 16.50
- For every additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof 11.90 16.50
- Vacations (30 days) 7.90 11.90
Parcel Redirection (available in combination with mail redirection for letter mail and parcels only) up to 10 kg (universal service) Domestic
- For up to 3 calendar months 7.00
- For every additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof 7.00
- Vacations (30 days) 2.00

* Available in combination with letter-mail/packets redirection only, for up to 10 kg

As a general rule, indicated rates include all statutory taxes and duties, especially VAT. Rates for services that are tax exempt pursuant to Article 6 of the Austrian VAT Act exclude value-added tax.

Please note that the redirection will only cover items given to Austrian Post for shipping. Items delivered by other logistics companies are not included.

We need 3 business days to set up redirections.

The contractual period is three months. However, you have the option of choosing a shorter time period within those three months. It is up to you to decide how long you will be using our redirection service.