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Mail Collection Box

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Use our Mail Collection Box to have your parcels deposited for you in your building. Following an unsuccessful delivery attempt by one of our staff members, he or she will place the item in the mail collection box and will let you know about it by putting a notification card into your letter box. To open the mail collection box, all you need is this notification card and the chip included in it.

In order to keep costs low, we recommend one Mail Collection Box per household**. Approximately 90% of all items will fit in an XL-box (approx. 80% of items in L-size boxes, approx. 50% in M-size boxes). In the case of the remaining 10%, the item is either too big or the Mail Collection Box is already taken. In such a case, we follow the usual process and will have your item ready for pick-up at your postal service location. 

 *) No RSa and RSb official letters can be deposited

**) Delivery to specific recipients only is not possible. Austrian Post uses Mail Collection Boxes to deliver items to all residents who live where the box has been put up (e.g. one house, one staircase). 

Order this service in our online shop now!

  • Receive mail items around the clock as soon as you come back home
  • No more deposit and pick-up: going to the postal branch during specific opening hours is now a thing of the past
  • The swiftest way to receive your mail items when you’re gone
  • Innovative solution for urban areas with a high deposit rate

Benachrichtigungskarte mit der Codeseite an die Post Empfangsbox halten

1 Open the Mail Collection Box. Press the barcode on the notification firmly against the button. Hold the barcode on the notification card to the Mail Collection Box until it unlocks.

Empfangsbox öffnen und Ihre Sendung entnehmen

2 Retrieve your mail item immediately. The box can only be opened once.

Benachrichtigungskarte in die Post Empfangsbox einlegen

3 Open the Mail Collection Box and take your mail item. Place the notification in the Mail Collection Box.

Post Empfangsbox wieder schließen

4 Lock the Mail Collection Box. Press the button. To finish, close the Mail Collection Box.

Our Mail Collection Boxes are equipped with several security features. Below please find information about a few of these security features:
  • Mail Collection Boxes are used by one recipient at a time. This ensures that nobody but you will have access to your items. 
  • Mail Collection Boxes have an encoded security system based on RFID.
  • Items cannot be collected before the delivery person has activated the notification. 
  • Mail Collection Boxes are made of highly resistant steel with multiple lock seams and are firmly secured in the ground. 
  • Mail Collection Boxes are child-proof and can be used by people with visual impairments. 

Our Mail Collection Box is available in a variety of designs depending on location, size and colour. 
Design depending on the location:
  • Indoor areas (preferably staircases)
  • Outdoor areas (covered and not covered foyers)
Available colours:
  • White
  • Grey
How much is a Mail Collection Box?
Exemplary calculation: 20 households on one staircase purchase an L-sized Mail Collection Box to be put up indoors. The price will be 209 Euro.
This translates into a one-time payment of EUR 10.45 per household!

Mail Collection Boxes are powered with batteries, which is why there is no need for any additional hookups. Austrian Post will change the batteries as needed.

Size M (395xH220x280) Price in EUR
 (W/H/D in mm)
Fits 50% of all mail items; recommended for depositing letter mail items and small parcels (not suitable for large multitenant buildings)
Indoor 189.00
Outdoor 219.00
Size L (395x660x280) Price in EUR
(W/H/D in mm)
Fits approximately 85% of all items, very good value for money
Indoor 209.00
Outdoor 239.00

Size XL (800x660x350) Price in EUR
 (W/H/D in mm)
Fits approximately 95% of all items; recommended for large items provided that  enough space is available for installing the Mail Collection Box
Indoor 289.00
Outdoor 319.00

The price includes the Mail Collection Box, installation and VAT. All Mail Collection Box designs are available in white and grey. The price is the same for both colours. 
When ordering your Mail Collection Box, please indicate a local contact person that our installation team may contact. 
After we have received your payment, we will contact the contact person indicated by you to schedule a day and time for installing the Mail Collection Box. It will be ready for use immediately after it has been put up.