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Domestic letter in an envelope on a desk ready for posting

You can choose between two letter mail rates:

PRIO letter mail
PRIO letter mail is your best choice for time-sensitive items. A minimum of 95% of PRIO letters posted in Austria reach their destination on the following business day. There is no faster way! All additional services are available for PRIO letters. You can post PRIO letter mail items in one of our 16,000 letter boxes throughout Austria or at one of our Austrian Post service locations. For postage, you can also use stamps.

ECO letter mail
This is a great option for items that are not very time-sensitive. ECO letter mail items are delivered within 2 to 3 business days and can be posted at all Austrian Post service locations. Stamps may not be used for ECO letters. ECO letters can only be posted in letter boxes as postal stationery.



Postage payment with stamps  -
Additional services (registered mail, delivery to addressee only, advice of receipt etc.) -
Posting in letter box as postal stationery only
Counter at Austrian Post service location
Franking machine in self-service area of Austrian Post service locations -
Franking service
Postcard -
Postcard set -
Domestic letter set

Rates: How much are our services?

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Registered Mail and Additional Services

Click here for comprehensive information about registered mail and other additional services.


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